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November 22, 2018


So I like bandwagons, and the biggest one right now is user contests! So I thought, “Hey, Me, you could totally make your own contest, it’s not like you have anything else going on!”

To which I replied,”That’s kinda mean, but good idea!”

So here we are, my own contest. Here we go!

Prompt: Historical Fiction 
You can write about anything you want, as long as it takes place in the past. For convenience sake, let’s just say the past is before the year 2000.

Word Limit: Minimum is 100 words.

No poetry please! The title should include #leefudgecontest


1st Place: A follow (If I already follow you, I’ll unfollow you, then refollow you) and a review of five pieces of your choice.

2nd Place: A follow and a review of three pieces of your choice.

3rd place: A follow and a review of one piece of your choice. 

Due date is December tenth, I have no clue when winners would be announced.

I hope at least one person tries this!

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1 Comment
  • Mary Wall

    I will try to do this!

    11 months ago