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My Rant and Questions About the Errors and Plot Holes in Our Beloved Fairytales

December 17, 2018


Starting with on of the most beloved fairytales, Cinderella, I have a couple of questions.
My friend made a quote book with quotes and questions and one of them that totally stood out to me was, why did Cinderella's shoe fall OFF if it fit PERFECTLY? In the books and movies, the narrator always emphasized that when Cinderella put on her glass slipper, it fit so darn, perfectly. Hmmmm... then why did it fall off?

My next question is, why did Cinderella's father, who is always portrayed as a kind, man, decide to marry the evil Lady Tremaine, who had to horrible daughters? It sounds to me that their marriage was totally rushed and that he was desperate, for something. Either money, or love. 

Lastly, how did no one else in the entire LARGE kingdom, have Cinderella's shoe size? The kingdom was ginormous and there were so many maidens, there should have been at LEAST one maiden who had the same shoe size as Cinderella. I mean, come on, that's so unrealistic. Sorry Cinderella.

I know that this is one of our most beloved fairytales and that there is supposed to be a moral and all, but I couldn't help but notice that there were so many plot holes.

Now onto Sleeping Beauty. I only have one main question for this one. 

What in the world was with these fairies' gifts? Yes, she was given beauty and the gift of song, but beauty IS NOT EVERYTHING. Personally, I think that if the fairies had given her a gift of honesty and intelligence, I think that if she had gotten those gifts, maybe it would have provided a better lesson for children. Why beauty on the outside? What does beauty matter unless it's on the inside?

I know the these fairytales should have a moral and I think that another one could have been installed to Sleeping Beauty if these gifts were different. 

Next, we have Alice and Wonderland.

What do the Mad Hatter, March Hare, and Dormouse do on birthdays?

If there's three of them, and they have unbirthdays and that's what they celebrate, that means that there's still three days where they have birthdays. Well, what do they do on their birthdays. Sit around. Nap. Sulk. That was never ever answered in this beloved book. 

This question is about Snow White, the first Disney Princess movie.

Why does the Queen’s magic have such inconvenient gaps? She's able to poison an apple, without making it look suspicious and make a magic mirror, but she is unable to make herself beautiful. Why? She seems to have such strong magical powers, but she is unable to change her appearance, or make her curses kiss proof. All of these curses seriously need to make themselves kiss proof. Oh dear. true love is a very strong thing, but that doesn't need to be conveyed to three year olds does it?

Lastly, I have an overall fairytale question. Why are there so many Charming brothers and did they all have the same mother? Is so, who?

I love all of these firytalses and they are as comfy as my favorite pair of slippers, but when I saw these errors and plot holes, well, I couldn't help but poke fun at the and point them out. 

Pls let me know if there are any other fairytales u want me to talk and poke fun at. 

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  • asteria

    Haha, I love that last question! Where did all the Charmings come from????? No one knowssss

    10 months ago
  • Kenny

    About the shoe not fitting anyone, in those days I'm pretty sure that all shoes were custom made ( exactly to the arch of the foot, the length of the toes ), so it's plausible that it wouldn't truly fit anyone else, though some might get close.

    And for sleeping beauty, intelligence wasn't prized in that time, beauty attracted princes, and singing was considered an accomplishment that all young ladies should have. To be intelligent then would've almost been an injustice to her, she'd know exactly what she's capable of, but wouldn't be able to actually use her wits, bc women weren't supposed to think, speak, write, or do pretty much anything that wasn't passive and genteel.

    And honesty would be worse. I mean, she can't exactly blurt out her inner thoughts on the ambassador's horrid beard, can she? It wouldn't be good at all, truth never forms good alliances, everything was meant to save your own hide, and if you had to lie, you would.

    12 months ago
  • Anha

    o o f i know this is a joke but i can totally back up some of the fairytales here.
    1. the cinderella slipper affair
    when you have shoes that fit you perfectly, it's still possible for it to fall off right? if you don't believe me on that point, i'll propose another theory. glass shoes are the most immalleable thing to wear on your feet (besides clogs), and in order to be able to put it on, you'd need a little bit of space to get in there. if it fits as perfectly as you say, that means that her feet aren't squished in any way, right? the whole glass thing can also account for the fact that no one else could wear the shoe. if the glass slipper was made for her, it's unlikely that there'd be others who could wear the same shoe just as comfortably. and is the size of the kingdom ever really justified? there's nothing to tell us whether it's as big as america or as small as lichtenstein.
    2. totally agree that the whole marrying the stepmother thing was weird tho. in some versions of the story though, she only starts abusing cinderella after the father dies. so theoretically, all the father sees is a relatively good looking widow with two daughters who his own daughter can play and grow up with.
    3. they needed beauty for a political alliance. in those days, princesses are only good for marrying princes to strengthen the bonds between nations, and no prince wants to marry an ugly princess. and honey, you don't want the gift of honesty. i though ella enchanted taught everyone that.
    4. i personally don't think the problem would have been solved by making the queen prettier anyway. she was already pretty decent for her time, but it was just the idea of snow white that made her angry, and knowing that she was superior might not have even made a difference. i think her magic weirdness comes from the fact that her powers are inherently evil and bad, used for sinister purposes rather than good. good tips the scales, blah blah blah, sums a lot of it up with a neat little bow.
    5. conspiracy theory: they're not brothers. they're cousins like all the nurse joys in pokemon.

    12 months ago
  • paperbird

    Another good plot hole is in Hansel and Gretel. They're supposed to be starving, so what are they doing wasting bread crumbs?

    12 months ago
  • Quille


    12 months ago