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She's Meria

November 18, 2018

PROMPT: Open Prompt

    I am standing in the last row of the venue, near the door. It was a very special day but for me it seems boring. Our adviser told us that we will be having a special guest, a famous author to be specific. “Famous? I don’t heard anything about her, even her name,” I frowned. The program started but I didn’t listen on any of the messages. What’s the sense?
    Suddenly, a lady catches my attention. She was very beautiful in her pink blouse matched with a floral long skirt. Her brown braided hair made her more pleasing in the eyes of everyone. She stands in front of the podium and apologized for her Filipino time attitude. Then, this famous author began to tell a story.
    “Do you know Meria? She is the girl who really loves flowers. A girl who is admired by everyone,” the author started. The story looks very interesting so I decided to listen.
    “Meria is a very charming lady. She has dimples and a pair of brown eyes. She likes her brown hair braided because it reminds them of her mother who died in accouchement. Meria grew up with her father. And they are very close with each other.”
    “But one day, everything was changed. Meria’s father went home under the presence of drugs. He was very angry for no reason. He slapped Meria’s face and pushed her to the floor.”
    “Another night come, Meria was sleeping in her room. The door opens and a dark shadow of a man came in. It was her father carrying a knife! ‘Shhh… Shout or I will kill you,’ her father said holding her grip. Then horrible things happened.”
    “The following nights are horror for Meria. Until she found herself that she is pregnant. She cried. Meria always believe that she has the ideal family everyone dreams about, but it’s not. Her life was ruined by her own flesh, by her own blood.”
    “Then one day, the community found out Meria’s body hanging in her room’s ceiling. Her father was never been seen again. Justice for Meria! Justice for those who are victimized by abuses, harassments, and unjust treatments. Don’t be afraid to express your story, your pain. We’re here to protect you and we’re always been.”
    Clap! Clap! Clap! It was a very amazing story. Justice. We have to deal with this principle of right action and fairness. The government must continue their fight against drugs and child abuse.
    “Who is that author again?” I asked the student beside me. “She’s Meria.” Then I saw a pair of brown eyes looking at me. She smiled and cute little dimples appeared in her cheeks. It was the famous author.


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