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My cousin gave me 3 topics (space, death, LGBTQ) and this was the result.


December 18, 2018


Adam looked up at the dark ominous sky, the stars sparkling in his hazel eyes. How beautiful and empty the night seemed, it made him feel still, despite the bitter winter winds shoving him. Adam raised his hand, reaching out for the moon and signing as he fell short once again. The distance made him feel helpless. Just like Sam.
A sharp pain embedded itself in Adams broad chest. It bring him and his ambitions back to earth. The landing was unpleasant and Jarring. He turned around and walked back to his car, being guided by the headlights and feeling guilty to leave the moon alone in it’s eternal spot in the sky. He picked up the steel urn from the back leather seat and spun on his foot, making the gravel fly in all directions. Back at his spot at the cliff side, Adam brushed a piece of golden hair from his face and with it, a tear.
“I love you Sammy,” He glues his eyes to the top of Orion’s shield. That’s where Sam had promised he’d go when he died. One summer evening when Sam had just been diagnosed, that’s where Adam promised to look. The memory tightened like a vice on Adam’s heart and made it hard to talk. 
“Nobody wanted me to and it was your worst nightmare, but I did love you. And in all of our years being together I never regretted a second. And I’m looking for you now and I can see your smile in the stars. And I promise you that when my time comes I’ll join you at Orion’s shield and we can finally be together.”
Adam’s tears came fast and hot and his voice croaked as he spoke to his love glowing in the sky. With numb fingers he twisted the lid of the metal container and looked back to the eyes of space.
“I hope you can finally find peace Sammy, there’s so much hate down here. I’m proud of you for fighting for so long. But you can’t always win,” Adam watched the ashes flow from the urn being carried into oblivion. Oblivion. He hoped it was nice in oblivion. 
“Goodbye, I love you. Say hi to my mother for me, I think she’d like you. She never knew I was ga-“ Adam covered his mouth with his hand but only succeeded in muffling his pained cries. Somewhere in the distance, wild dogs howled at the full moon but Adam only heard a song. A song that screamed for the man that was Adam’s other half. 
“Well, I better get going!” He didn’t mean to shout but that was the only way the words could slip out. And it did sound wonderful, his voice echoing on the surrounding hills. “See you later Alligator!”
And as Adam drove off in his breaking red car with his breaking dull heart he could almost hear Sam’s voice resonating in his ears:

In a while, crocodile.


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