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A waterfall of my blood #ICBYPoetry

By: purplepanache


I once plucked a blade
Of grass
And cut myself
Till I bled out
A waterfall of words
Which gushed down
And towns
A waterfall which scoffed
At gravity
And mightily gushed past
Planets and stars
My words smothering
The Universe
And then you plucked a tuft
Of cotton, you wrapped my wounds.
And I died.
I can’t believe you dared to kill me.

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Peer Review

I like how I never had any idea what would happen next, it was like riding a waterfall of emotion.

I really liked the italicized words at the bottom, it sets your poem apart! If I had to find faults with it, I would say your title doesn't sing to me the way your other ones have, but since this was for a competition I guess it was harder to find a fitting one :)

Reviewer Comments

I have no idea how you manage to fit so much emotion in such few lines of poetry. You amaze me.