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Reading is believing, writing is creating.

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I'd like to know if this addresses the prompt accurately, and also if it leaves any room for interpretation.

Second Thought

January 24, 2016

Some like to say the world popped into existance all at once, but I say different. The world came into being just like you would fall asleep, slowly at first, then all at once.Soon, in a blink of an eye,the world was up and running, like a jump start to a car that finally stops humming.We were much too smart, to stay animals forever, we evolved pretty quickly, we became pretty clever.Thirteen billion and some years later, I was pushed into being, on the Christmas Eve of a special year, with perfect sight and hearing. In a flash the first fifteen years were gone, I've been learning quickly, and I'm nowhere close to done. Unlike those before me, apples aren't falling, I am no genius, I'm still looking for my calling. I hope to honor those before me, the great eras and civilizations, Greek, Roman and Indus Valley, among the greatest generations. I hope to leave a mark upon the world, a splash of paint on this great canvas, I want to join the other great people in the Hall of Fame, I want people to take pride in my name. Our great Earth was only formed four billion years ago, but somehow the Homo Sapiens have made it quite the home.


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