It's simple. You either mope around and think that you will never be good enough, or you stand up and start working till your last breath leaves you. That is what makes a person successful. Not inborn talent, but sheer hard work and willpower.

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I'm 16, and I honestly love to research, write, eat and sleep (in that order). Currently, I am trying in vain to understand Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity, and I have realised that it is far more than just "E equals to mc squared".

Apart from that, I love folding origami, writing nonsense verses and making up jokes.

96 Hours Ago

November 18, 2018

PROMPT: Turned to Stone

Jeune Quan Matthieu was supposed to be clinically dead 96 hours ago.

They had wheeled him into the ER in the dead of the night, when the nurses walked around with half-sleepy eyes. Gasps and screams tore apart the deadly silence and a stricken woman hurled indecipherable words at people who had unintentionally crossed their path. Jeune was writhing on the stretcher, his lips colored in a shade darker than the deepest waters of the ocean, a hue that was more befitting for a corpse than a human.

The woman, whose grief was evidence of her being a mother, wailed in panic as the doctor walked over briskly, wearing a serene look. Face hardened with years of experience, he never displayed any emotions on his face as he grabbed Jeune's wrist.  But the very next moment, he looked up to meet the troubled gaze of Jeune's mother.

The doctor's eyebrows were arched and his lips were pinched tight.


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