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Him #ICBYPoetry

November 17, 2018


Dear you.

When I think of you
And everything that happened,
There are only four words
That successfully captivate my thoughts.

When I think of how you deceived me.
How you told me you would never lie to me
How you told me you loved me
How you said you wouldn't hurt me
All bullshit.

When i think of your straight up lies.
How you said you killed a man
How you said your parents hate you
How you said you wake up in blood, not remembering how
All bullshit.

When I think of what you did.
How you asked my best friend to strip for you
How you said you wanted to shove your fist up my v*g*na
How you said you love to f*ck yourself
How you said you still love me
All bullshit.

Do you wanna know those four words?
I can't believe you.

No love,
This was for AminahMcBina's writing contest, which you can find the details for here.
Excuse my language, but thinking about Him makes me annoyed and angry and GRR!
I wrote about this as my first piece, a free writing "Him," then again for a genre change-up prompt, also titled "Him."


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  • janice

    In the first line, the period after "you" should be a comma. I would italicize each "bullshit", but that's up to you. You did a great job with the emotions in this piece--I could practically feel and see the anger behind each and every word. I also love how you ended the piece with "no love," it's a very creative, funny, and yet heartbreaking way to finish.

    over 1 year ago
  • AminahMcBina

    Woah. This was intense! Oh mah gudness.
    Thank you so much for entering my contest, and being the first to join!!!

    Good luck! Mina

    over 1 year ago