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November 17, 2018


Eala was a common thief.
A nobody.
She was waiting for the prince’s carriage to arrive. It passed here every day while on the way to the villages, collecting extreme taxes from people who already have nothing. While people in the villages were starving, the prince was drowning in his wealth. But he was never going to use that wealth to help them.
That is why Eala plans to steal from him, and everything is in place -the “fallen” tree across the path, her small dagger tucked into the sheath on her skirt, and she was already in her hiding spot. The sound of hooves quickly pounding against the ground sounded through the forest, getting louder and louder. Until the carriage stops right in front of the fallen tree.
The carriage door closest to her slams open as the prince walks out, “what is the meaning of this?” He yells at one of the guards examining the fallen tree. Rings adorn almost every one of his fingers, those rings could feed a family for weeks.
Eala doesn’t hesitate, she runs from her hiding spot and quickly grabs the small pouch of jewels from the carriage. She quickly runs away. Eala thought she got away safely.
She wakes up early the next morning, and leaves what was her house for the night  with her bag slung over her shoulder. Never staying on one place for too long was the only way she never ended up captured. There was not a possibility Eala could think of where someone follows her. However, she sees the prince down the path with a smirk on his face, and quickly realizes she was wrong.
“How did you find me,” her voices shakes slightly, the strong walls she keeps up chipping away by the fear that now runs through her body.
“Lets play a game,” his smirk grows as he avoids the question, “one.”
“I’m sorry-”
“Two.” He cuts her off while pulling out a small bag with a shining pink powder in it.
“I’ll give you back what I stole Your Highness, please let me go free.” She goes to grab out the pouch she stole.
“Three. When I get to five, love, your time is up.” Her eyes widen slightly as he says, “four.” Eala takes off running into the forest.
He grins widely, like a predator about to catch its prey. “Five.” He whispers to himself and follows after her.
Eala knows she wouldn't be able to outrun him. But she knows the forest like the back of her hand, and tries to use that to her advantage. But her knowledge of the forest does not help when someone sets trap. One small misstep and she trips over a piece of rope. Eala gets pulled off the ground, trapped in a net. She tries to grab her blade but it isn’t in the sheath. She doesn’t know where it was.
She hears a small chuckle, “I thought somebody who spent their entire life in the forest would be better with avoiding traps.” He pulls out the pouch with sparkling pink powder, and a dagger, her dagger.
“What do you want with me? I left what I stole when I tried to run away.” She stumbles over her words while trying to find a way out.
“I realized that you could be useful to me.” Eala watches him as he walks over to the rope holding up the net. In one swift motion he cuts the rope and a small shriek escapes her as she falls to the ground.
He bends down to her and roughly grips her chin. “I need a nobody like you, love, to steal things that I need. Anything I want for you to steal, and in return, You won’t be executed.” Before she can try to pull away the prince blows the powder in her face. Eala swats slightly as the powder fogs her mind before she collapses. The prince grins in triumph and tales his new thief back to his castle.


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1 Comment
  • AJ - Izzy

    Very interesting piece, it captured me immediately. It reminds me of a scene from an episode of Once Upon A Time, with Snow White and Prince Charming. Great job!

    over 1 year ago