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But no, not tonight.

November 16, 2018


"Can you open the curtains? I want to see the sky tonight," she said. With peck on her cheeks, he stood up and opened the curtains, making the moon and the stars visible from the bed's view where she's lying down.

He then walked towards her and laid beside her. After that, he offered his arms so that her head can rest on it. 

"You're being silent." She pointed out and looked at his face. 

Tracing the shape of her eyes down to her lips, he replied, "I'm just appreciating everything tonight. The view and you." He smiled as he pinched her cheeks. 

"Ew! You're being cheesy!" The lady whined and hit his chest, but the man just laughed from her cuteness. Cupping he cheeks, he immediately pulled her closer, her face on his chest, feeling the extreme heat from the lady. 

Calling him out, the lady choked out a sob and mumbled two repeated words that one once brought butterflies on his chest and the other one brought pain to his soul. 

He bit his lips, and as if he could do much, he tightened his hug while preventing himself from breaking down. No. Not infront of the person he loves. Not tonight. Just one more day and he'll let it all loose. But not this time. 

He called her out, not putting attention to the shirt that became the tissue of the lady inside his arms. 

"You should rest." He whispered, lips on her forehead. 

"Will you still be here?" She pulled out from his embrace and looked him straight into his eyes. 

Those pair that contains of feelings that cannot expressed enough by words. Those pair that gave him life to get through but also the pair that kills him, that stabs him with a knife and slowly being pulled out that causes him too much pain to the extent where he wants to die. But no, not tonight. 

"Of course." He smiled and hugged her again. Moving closer, she rested with a smile on her face. The man wanted to sleep. Badly. But no, not tonight. 

He didn't noticed how hours passed by, what he just looked at was her face, from its shape, to her brows and eyes, to her nose, down to her lips that was slowly losing its color. 

The alarm brought him to the present. He let it all loose, he let all his emotions broke down, he let his tears flow from his eyes while wishing he was dead. Far from this bitter reality of life. The pain was unbearable,  all of these built up inside him and almost made him lose his sanity. 

"I would still be here. But you're not." He managed to whisper in the air while hugging the cold body next to him.


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  • AJ - Izzy

    Aw, it IS sad! It's amazing though, you expressed the emotion really well!

    over 2 years ago
  • Bellbell0307

    This is so SAD! Great job tho!

    over 2 years ago