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Like a Bird: A Haiku Collection

By: n3__


Chirps greet me at dawn,
sunlight warms my sleepy soul,
and I am awake. 

I want to dream, but
I hear the woodpecker’s drill
and know I must sing.  

Feathers are funny. 
So easy to soar above,
yet easy to drown. 

Night embraces me. 
I am an owl, and this 
is where I must go. 

Message to Readers

Hey guys! I may start doing little haiku collections. Let me know what you think, and feel free to suggest a theme! This theme is about birds superficially, but is really about the way life is a burden to some.

Peer Review

I particularly loved the two haiku's that I highlighted for you. There was something about them that made me feel compelled to read them. You have an amazing talent in writing!

I would absolutely love more of these haiku's. You're so amazing at them!

Reviewer Comments

I love this. Please keep writing and tag me in any new pieces, I'd love to read them for you!