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Rohan Goyal

hi ,im 14,and i have a quite of artistic imagination,somehow ,i have a really vivid imagination relating to world war II stories,but i like that

the scar that changed my life

February 8, 2015

PROMPT: Story of a Scar


I was young and childish back then,i laughed and played, looking at all my friends,which one of them was swinging on the was a her.her brown hair,swayed in the wind,her beautiful face,her whole heardtly smile,everything about her was magical.i decided to join her.I picked up the swing,tried to get on while it was still swinging and it hit me in the forehead.blood trickled,,my friend on the swing gasped,and tried to help me up.she called other teachers,as they called the school nurse,everything was blurry from then,they picked me up,and took me to the nurse's office,they calmed me as they put bandages on it,i couldn't understand why they were so caring for me,they really made it better.the doctor said it wasn't serious ,i was thankful.When he took the bandages off,he showed my face in the mirror.and there my scar was.This scar looked a little like harry potter's lightning bolt scar,all my friends commented on it when i came back from the hospital,and they liked it.i was realy happy with that.and from then my scar grew fainter and fainter each grade i passed,i didn't care,as long i could remember it,and to this day i still have it.


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