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Semi-sweet and a little nutty. Lover of zesty lime-green and dangerous shades of red. Adores cats and music, big on all things bright and beautiful. Still a work in progress.

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A Saccharine Gentleman

January 24, 2016

PROMPT: All in a Name

I live in an irony bound by the two words of my Chinese name. 

First, my surname, Liang, hints at a knowledgable and genial gentleman. One who is well-versed in the ancient classics, someone who can quote Confucian sayings easily with no sweat. It paints a portrait of a scholar with grace in each step of his silk-sandals as his long, milky robes flow in the wind like the thin, adroit branches of the willow tree. In his spare time, he debates on internal governance and poetry. Sometimes, he would sit cross-legged, contemplating which move to make as he battles himself to a game of chess. 

 Fast forward to 2016, turns out I, as a "gentle-lady", have developed a distinct taste for Electronic Dance Music and punk rock. I can lip-sync Green Day with ease, but probably not Confucius. But the legendary balletic aura is no where to be found in my lime-and-turquoise trackshoe-bound steps as I sprint across the Central Plaza for a steaming bowl of noodles after being released from a refrigerator-like classroom. I do play chess with the accompany of a friend on the 15cmx5cm screen of my handphone. Unfortunately, I always win. 

Second, my first name, Tian, means sweet. Combining my first and last names, I am a sweet-talking gentleman supposedly to befriend everybody. But somewhere along my schooling years I was introduced to the powerful art of sarcasm. So ever since its debut in my speech, some kids squirm at the literary lemon-juice that I had unintentionally squeezed into the most delicate part of their hearts. Instead of a people-pleaser, I end up with only a few warriors strong enough to endure my dousage of lemonade-concentrate and splash me generously with their acidic remarks too.

I am quite content with my life now, without the need to please all around. I think I shall remain semi-sweet and a little nuts and continue to live in this irony. Being a sweet-talker is too much to ask for. 
In the midst of trying to read more Confucian ethics 


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