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She'll Be Okay

November 20, 2018

Aïda opens up her sticky eyes. She awakens to soft morning light sifted through her translucent curtains. Her arm bumps something, someone, fast asleep next to her. 'Better not wake her up', she sluggishly thinks as she fumbles out of bed and goes to use the bathroom.

As she brushes her teeth, takes a shower and does her morning routine, there is a pit growing in her stomach. It's Monday morning and this is just another day. She feels anxious as she puts on her clothes on. As she fixes herself some breakfast. As she hears her girlfriend wake up and turn on the shower. The feeling of dread faced with another day just does not go away. Her anxiety flares up more and more often nowadays. She is drinking tea while looking out the window. Waiting.

'Hey, babe!' Danicka jauntily enters the kitchen and goes to open a cupboard. Aïda doesn't want to say anything.

'...Good morning.'

'What's for breakfast?'

'I don't know. What is there?'

Danicka pauses for a moment. Aïda looks over to her and sees her staring over the bread box.

'Well, there could have been bread for breakfast if you hadn't messed that up for me. This bread is stale, Aïda.' 

Aïda sighs. Here we go again.

'Babe...', she carefully begins, 'I don't remember closing the bread box's flap... thingy yesterday. Maybe I didn't close it the last time I used it... But it isn't that big of a deal, baby. My bad.'

'Oh, so now how I feel isn't a big deal? Don't dismiss me like you always do.'

'No, that is exactly the opposite of what I'm doing. I'm saying that you shouldn't freak out so much because there are other things to have for breakfast and this was an honest mistake.'

'That's what you're making it out to be. I'm so sorry for freaking out, we just can't all be perfect like you, Aïda. But, riddle me this, how is this a mistake if you keep on making it? Huh? HUH? You never listen to me!'

It takes a lot for her not to react. This is just another day.

'...You know what, Danicka?'


'I'm going to be late for work. Bye.'


In her car, Aïda just sits. The pit in her stomach refuses to go away. She's been parked in the garage for almost 10 minutes. The radio blaring this week's top ten hits is supposed to numb her from her own inner monologue. It isn't working today. 'You have to get out of here sometime, she thinks, this would just make it worse.'

She wills herself out of the car, exits the garage, presses the button of her office's floor in the elevator, and goes to her office. She quiets the little pit in her stomach to put her lab and glasses coat on and enters the laboratory to go to her workstation. Aïda's task, as an entry-level geneticist, is to analyze DNA samples collected with treatment information provided by some clinical genetic counsellor. Her lab supervisor, Bryan, is there when she enters the room.

The pit in her stomach turns into a slight chill down her spine. Her hands feel clammy. She manages a steady 'Good morning' in his general direction and gets to work immediately. She hears a couple faint 'Good morning' calls back from her coworkers scattered across the lab. She tries to ignore the feeling of Bryan's eyes on her. 'Predator'. 'Prey'. Why are those the only words that are coming to her right now? The only way she can think to describe it?

When she had started her job two months ago, she'd think that she was imagining it. Little awkward jokes. Little brushes past her in the laboratory's supply closet. Cryptic and ominous warnings whispered from the few other women who worked here. Being denied from receiving the mentorship of any of her all males supervisors, because of 'what has been going on nowadays'. Because they didn't want to get 'Me Too'd'. Aïda naively realized too late that her workmates were creeps when Bryan, as she was looking at a petri dish through a microscope on one of the nights she was working late, started to give her a shoulder massage. She violently shirked away from his touch and threatened to report him if that happened again.

That was last Wednesday, and nothing had happened since. But it would be the straw that broke the camel's back, what made make the pit in her stomach grow louder and louder.


After work, Aïda receives a text message from her girlfriend. 'Impromptu date night, the message reads, bcuz of this morning.'

'??' Aïda presses send.

'Just meet me at the beach, okay?'



Sundown. The beach is nearly empty, except for a couple who is walking their dog near the waves. Aïda left her car in the parking lot and now is making her way to a gazebo near the lifeguards' hut. The beach has a forgotten air to it. The dark blue waves audibly and regularly crash on what seems like granular yellow, like tarnished gold. She walks barefoot in that sand, she relishes in the little details. A small white sailboat in the distance skims over the water. The couple's soft conversation and tinkling laughs reach her from where they are. The soft ocean breeze wafts around her hair. Small things like this are what keep her.

Aïda knows to go to the gazebo directly because it's where she and Danicka regularly hang out as a couple. She wonders if Danicka strategically chose this spot, their spot, to try to make up. Aïda had always a soft spot for the beach. It's the one place where the stomach-pit leaves her be. Her happy place. Where she knows that she'll be okay.

I'm trying to be experimental with my writing. That's because ,in this narrative ,I'm trying to communicate that life can be so mysterious, a bunch of little different things that hardly make sense put together... I hope that I made you feel something. :-)

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  • AminahMcBina

    Wow! You are such a great writer!!! Your description words, your formatting, and characterization is on point!!! Well done!

    Never stop writing,

    about 2 years ago
  • Z.Bunzigiye

    Thank you so much, Suhanee_The_Intellect! So sweet. :)

    about 2 years ago
  • Fernweh

    The relationship between Aïda and Danicka is simply wonderful.

    about 2 years ago
  • Z.Bunzigiye

    Thanks so much Catherinely Me, I'm so touched. :)

    about 2 years ago
  • Dummie

    I just love that Aida and Danicka are both girls and are together. Any LGBTQAP+ things I read always make me smile, so thank you. I like the plot of this story!

    about 2 years ago