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I'm from Chicago and I go to school at the circle of hell Dante didn't discover. I adore books, and I hope my appetite for them is never satisfied. INFP-T

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I'm doing this for school, and some criticism would be nice.

When the Flames Shone Darkly

November 19, 2018


   The clouds stifled the sun that frigid January day. The wind howled strenuously as Lavender, wiping her nose and sniffling, went down the creaky, wooden steps. She went to the hearth, whose stone had cracked over years of wear. Part of the dust from the stone became inseparable from the ash of fire. You seem a bit down today, the fire flickered.
    “ She always shun me.” Lavender wiped away her tears. “Colin always tries to talk to me, but whenever his friend come, he treats me like a trespasser.”
    It bewilders me. I cannot tell if  the influence of his friends is a leash, holding him back, or if he has just as much antipathy as his friends and sees you as a tool. The flames roared and swelled so large it nearly touched the ceiling, but it didn't hurt Lavender. It illuminated the doors without knobs, the windows with locks, and the walls with tears running up and down. It gave light the paint peeling away from the walls. It heated up the room and casted Lavender's cowering shadow on the barren floor and walls, devoid of love.“What did I ever do to them?” Lavender wailed.
    Lavender went outside earlier in the morning, excited to play in the white, fluffy snow.
“We’re gonna throw snowballs, and make a snowman, and sled down the hill!” Lavender exclaimed with a grin on her face. The flame seemed to glow brighter. Be safe, the flame glowed warmly. The stairs groaned as a heavy-set man came down the stairs, partially shrouded in darkness. Lavender abruptly got up to her feet and removed her smile.
    “Why are you making all this noise early in the morning?” he said gruffly.
    “Well I-I w-wanted to go play today, Dad” Lavender stammered, tensing her shoulders.
    The man stepped closer and his shadow smothered Lavender’s shadow.
    “Did you take out shovel the driveway?” her father asked, raising an eyebrow.
    “Yes.” Lavender did, and with great assiduity not to leave one flake on the driveway.
    “Then go. But come back in time for lunch. I won’t ask you.” her father warned.
    Lavender’s shoulders slumped and she breathed. She kissed the hearth and left.
The sky was a clear gray, and the sun wasn’t visible. Short, sharp, and cold puffs of wind flew by and nipped the young girl’s nose, but not so often.To her surprise and vehement joy, her friends were there. Colin had a sled, and Josh was making snowman. They both frantically waved Lavender over.
Lavender dashed, only to see Sasha rise from behind the snowman. She clenched her fists and resisted the urge to turn around and go home like a poltroon. Sasha scrutinized Lavender with resentment. “ Excuse me, Colin, but I thought we left trash on the curb, not next to snowmen.” she condescended.
    Lavender clenched her fists, ready not to leave in ignominy like many times before. "I have just as much right to be here as anyone else." was her angry expostulation.
    "Last time I remembered, this was Colin's house. He chooses who he wants to invite, not you." Josh retorted
    A strong, ill gust of wind blew, knocking the head off Sasha's snowman. The children had to shield their faces from the spiraling snow, which was moving faster than a tornado and made the light snowflakes hit their faces like icicles.
    "My eyes!" Sasha cried. Some stray snowflakes had gotten into them.
    Lavender and Josh turned to Colin, who had been quite quiet, and wondered what was wrong.
    "Is everything alright?" Lavender asked, furrowing her brows.
    "Yeah, man." Josh went over to Colin and placed his hand on his shoulder.
    Colin's face was pale, and he swallowed. "Well, Sasha can stay." he squeaked.
   Josh and Lavender glared at Sasha, who shrugged and smirked. Lavender gritted her teeth. "Is everything alright?" Lavender asked, furrowing her brows.
   "Yeah, man." Josh went over to Colin and placed his hand on his shoulder.
   Colin's face was pale, and he swallowed. "Well, Sasha can stay." he squeaked.
  Josh and Lavender glared at Sasha, who shrugged and smirked.
  Josh looked at Lavender and said, “It’s all right.” They both walked over to the snowman, determined not to let Sasha ruin their fun. A silence burned between the friends.
After some moments, someone threw a snowball. She whipped her head around, ready to return the favor, but then saw that Colin was playing with Josh, Sasha, and some other friends of hers. Why hadn’t they invited her? They threw some more snowballs, which missed their targets and left Lavender helpless to the barrage of the freezing projectiles. One whizzed by her ear and knocked of the snowman’s arms.
“Hey! HEY! Can I play?” Some people noticed her standing on the curb, but averted their eyes and sniggered. Most were deaf, apparently.
Not wanting to draw more unwanted attention, Lavender stood up quitely and scurried off to her home. “It must be late anyways. So Dad would want me home.” Lavender comforted herself. She also noticed a burning smell, and thought it best to check up on her father.
“I feel so, so sorry for Lavender. Look at her clothes. How does she expect that to protect her in 20 degree-weather?” Sasha smirked. She stood against the gray, bleak sky and put her hands on her hips. She strutted over to Lavender, who held her head down but glared up at her, scalding tears forming in her eyes. Lavender balled her fists and breathed heavily. She couldn’t hear their whispers and jeers over the pounding of her own blood in her ears. “You’re either poor, or quite stupid.”  A biting gale blustered, bending trees and blowing the children completely off their feet. Some of them screamed, while others tightened their scarves and tried putting their arms into their sleeves. The wind wiped away Lavender’s tears, but brought more. After a minute, it ended, and Lavender ran to her house, away from the embarrassment. Some cold bursts of wind came afterward, though not as severe.
Lavender hammered on her door, and jiggled the handle. Her father opened the door, ready to chastise her, but she just stormed to her room.   





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