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Cake and Conversation

November 20, 2018

      “You want some cake?” Bonnie asked, propping her hands on her hips. She cocked her head, and Sera watched as her hair spilled over her shoulders and across her face like a dark curtain.
        It was really unfair. Apparently Bonnie could spar all day and retain her goddess hair, but if Sera breathed too deeply, her hair would frizz like a tumbleweed. The never-ending joys of curly hair.
        “What kind?” Sera asked, trying to steer her mind from Bonnie’s stupid goddess hair.
        “Chocolate, of course,” She replied with an impish grin. “It’s only the best flavor.” She offered a hand to Sera, and Sera let herself be pulled off the couch and dragged to the kitchen.
        “I prefer yellow cake,” Sera said in a snobbish voice, trying to hide her smile.
        Bonnie snorted. “Well, sorry to disappoint, Your Highness, but in this household, we only allow chocolate cake. None of that butter-flavored trash.”
        “I’m pretty sure yellow cake isn’t butter flavored.”
        Bonnie leaned backwards to stare at Sera, jabbing with the serving knife. “Uh, I’m pretty sure it is.”
        I’m arguing over cake flavors with an assassin.
        Bonnie handed her a slice of cake. It had white frosting with a tiny icing rose perched on top. Sera smiled and thanked her. Though she hadn’t been lying about her cake preference, chocolate-anything didn’t last long in the presence of an eighteen-year-old girl with an appetite.
        Bonnie pushed herself up on the counter and crossed her legs, plate and fork in hand. Her arms were bare at the moment, and Sera noticed a large tattoo decorating Bonnie’s left arm, from shoulder to elbow.
        “What’s that?” Sera asked rather bluntly, gesturing with her fork. Realizing it might be personal, she added, “If you don’t mind telling.”
        “This?” Bonnie said, turning her arm to glance at the tattoo. She moved so Sera could see it. “I don’t exactly know.”
        The tattoo was a tangle of black swirls and sharp edges. She understood what Bonnie meant- it didn’t really look like anything in particular. Maybe there was a wing there, or a tree here. It could have been wisps of smoke or fire. Or shadows, Sera realized with a blink.
        “I got it on a dare a few years back,” Bonnie explained, smiling fondly. “I didn’t have anything in mind, so I just asked for a random design. As I sat and thought about it, I’d ask if something could be worked in. The tattoo artist was very distraught.”
        Sera looked closer, trying to pick out hidden symbols. “What kind of stuff did you ask for?”
        “Well, I have a sun, for my mom,” she said, pointing to what was indeed a sun swirled in ink. “A few stars, because they make me happy…And that bit there? It’s actually blended with red ink, since Salvador was the one who dared me.”
        Sera snorted. She wasn’t surprised. She noticed a beautifully drawn rose between curls meant to resemble thorns. “What about that one?”
        Bonnie looked to where she was pointing, and her expression soured immediately. “Oh, that…that’s a rose.”
        “Yeah…” Sera said, trying to smile. “But why?”
Bonnie, instead of answering, shrugged her shoulders and pointed to Sera’s plate. “Are you done?”
        And instead of waiting for her answer, Bonnie hopped off the counter and took her empty plate. She dropped the plates in the sink and ran water over them.
        “Are your legs still sore?” Bonnie asked, and Sera turned to face her. The unhappiness on her face had cleared, but something in her eyes was pleading. Please, let me change the subject, they said.
        Or maybe they didn’t say that and Sera was giving voices to inanimate objects. Either worked.
        Sera shook out her arms and legs- still stiff, but not quite as painful with the weight of night and chocolate cake to take the edge off. “They’re getting better. Nothing cake and ice can’t solve.”
        “Words of wisdom,” she said with a nod. She dried off the plates and placed them in a rack.
        The rose in Bonnie’s tattoo was still on her mind, and Sera considered asking about it again, but Bonnie yawned and stretched her limbs out like a cat. “I don’t know about you, but I feel like the walking dead. I’ll see you in the morning.”
        She clapped her on the shoulder and trudged out of the kitchen, leaving Sera alone with her thoughts.



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