Dewayne Green

United States

Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I am a poet. A social activist. A student. A friend.

Message to Readers

I've been in writers block for awhile, and I wrote this poem to reflect my emotions I've been feeling these past couple of days. I hope you enjoy this piece, and more to come from me soon!

Cloud 9.

January 23, 2016


You look familar. 
You sound unfamilar. 
The way you talk isn't how it used to be.
Who are you?
I look back at our times together
Travling through in somewhat of an imaginary time capsel 
I travel to the time where we first met. 
Oh how innocent we were. 
The past seemed like we were on cloud 9
Our times together felt like a dream. 
Not just any dream, a realistic
It was like a work of art. 
A masterpiece that kept getting better, and better.
Until the storm came soring through our fantasy. 
Lightning struck on me
Causing myself to fall face foward into reality.
But you still remained on..
Cloud 9. 


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