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I'm an aspiring novelist with a passion for free verse and epic fantasy (and occasionally being over-dramatic).
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This is the beginning of my NaNo novella (#NaNoRebel!), about a side character from the novel I've been working on for the past few years.

The Beginning

November 18, 2018

    He stumbled, gasping and reaching out a hand for balance - for something, anything, to hold on to. His hand met a rough, vertical surface.
    In, out. In, out.
    He breathed, feeling his body gradually relax, then looked up. His hand was gripping a - well, what was it?
    The word came to him. A tree. How did he know that? He wasn’t sure.
    He straightened, listening and turning in a slow circle, trying to take in his surroundings all at once. He stood on a browning mass of odd little shapes - leaves, he thought - that covered the ground as far as he could see - which, considering the number of trees surrounding him, was not all that far. Most of the trees had leaves clinging to them also, and these ranged in color from yellow to brown to scarlet.
    Something in his face shifted, and it took him a moment to realize he’d started to smile. He smiled wider. It was a nice feeling.
    Around him, sounds started to come alive, and he realized abruptly that he was not alone. Small beings darted between trees both on the ground and higher up, in the branches. He squinted at one, trying to come up with a name.
    It’s… a bird. Yes, that was it; they were birds. They made chirping sounds as they fluttered from branch to branch or hopped past his feet. One paused in front of him, head tilted, blinking and looking up as if studying him curiously. It chirped.
    Not entirely sure why, he chirped back. The sound coming from his mouth startled him and he froze for a moment. The bird hopped away.
    Who am I? He took a step away from the tree, scrutinizing his surroundings again. He knew what he was seeing now. Words came to him as he turned his head: bush, flower, sapling, cloud, sky. He did not know why it all seemed so unfamiliar.
    Well, what did he know? Maybe something that would help.
    I know… He closed his eyes. Words, words… I have a mouth, a face, hands, feet. I… Hazy images assailed his mind and he gasped sharply.
    Shadows… warmth, jars of light. Shelves. Humming.
    His eyes flew open and he whipped his head around, eyes darting back and forth. No shelves. No humming. His face moved again, but this time he did not smile; he frowned. That had been a memory. A memory of what, he wasn’t sure.
    He started humming.
    The trees rustled, whispering, as the air moved - he thought of another word, breeze. Then he started walking. Glancing up, he saw the sun above him, but he could tell it was drifting downward. Some instinct he couldn’t think of a name for prompted him to put it at his back as he continued on, startling small creatures out of his path as he went.
    He’d been walking for some time when he stopped to turn around and squint at the sun again. The light behind him… he’d seen that before. It had been a smaller light, a closer light. Recalling the room with the shelves, he closed his eyes again. That was where he’d seen the light. No, not seen - felt.
    And then, suddenly, he remembered. He sat roughly on the ground, squeezing his eyes shut tighter.
    I am one of the Kannar.


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  • JCWriter

    Thanks! :)

    9 months ago
  • PalmLeaf

    I need to read more of this! Your story is so well-written and the plot is very intriguing.

    9 months ago