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I am...

By: Sophia Parlock

Unique and learning to accept it


Peer Review

6 words so powerfully stringed together. Reminds me of my schooling years all along. We are all special in our own way, some more special than others, but sometimes other people label it as weird and cannot identify with us. Therefore, discriminations occur and it tramples on us to let us think that we are weird too, shattering our self-confidence.

It's about a girl's self-discovery phase. She's in the turbulent 17-going-onto-18 kind of thing, an adult in a child's body. She's beginning to learn and unearth her talents and also her flaws, trying to love herself.

Reviewer Comments

Very inspirational, wholesome piece that would point out at many adults-to-be including the reviewer here. Surely, we all have our flaws but we must be willing to accept them and see our foibles as a part of our personality. I like how your little piece glows with wisdom as many teenagers today try to lay their hands on the latest fashion, imitate popular stars and make a total fool of themselves instead of accepting who they are. I like how you saw through all of these in these 6 words. Kudos to you my friend, on such a deep write.