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Hey guys! I first started writing to join the genre of famous fan-fiction of many people, but ended up discovering poetry and spoken word! I really found my niche by just exploring, and so can you! I hope visiting this page and other writers like me and our works will inspire you to be the best writer within yourself!

that damned heart

November 15, 2018


# that damned heart

That damned heart,
It kills me,
I hold it,
Squeeze ever so slightly,
And it gives all in to me,
A thousand holes have patched up here,
As the blood oozes out in streams,
Drips down my fat, stubby fingers down onto the street,
Why have you given this heart to me?

That damned smile,
It kills me,
Ever so slightly it crinkles,
I shake at its retreat,
Because it doesn’t last for long, does it?
And then you solemnly stare deep into my eyes,
Like its reflection reminds you of someone that I could have been,
But am not,
Why have you given yourself to me?

That damned finger,
It kills me,
Every time you place it on my cheekbones,
And poke through my fat cheeks ever so softly,
Or when you punch me or smack me in the head,
I mean, it’s all playful but
Why have you given it to me?

That damned hand,
It kills me,
Looks so comfortable,
Wrapping itself around the fingers,
Of someone else’s hand,
As I watch in silence,
As people walk by and then whisper in secrets,
“Whatever happened to her?”
I wonder the same,
Why did you pretend like it was me?

That damned mirror,
It kills me,
It shows me the bumps I have on my face,
My arms,
My stomach,
My legs,
It shows me my heart,
As I slowly take it out,
I see a new hole has formed,
Why did you have to give your heart,
And break mine all at the same time?

That damned girl,
It kills me,
As she walks down the street,
Target to each arrow in the pair of eyes,
And yet where she hugs you,
I see that crinkle aimed at me,
Why are you still smiling at me?

That damned heart,
It kills me,
Take it back,
Before it beats out on me,
Or I beat out on it.
I tried to patch up the thousand holes you left my dear,
But as the poets say,
If my heart must break for your sake,
Let it in the sweetest music I know,
As I rip my shirt,
My heart,
And wrap it around yours,
Take it back.
Why won’t you take it back anymore?

I slam it
The mirror.

And I stumble and fall,
As she reaches her hand out to me,
And takes the heart,
Unwrapping it ever so slowly,
And drinks the chalice,
And all the lies that come along with it,
She is so brave you see
My lady Macbeth,
My love,
What say you,
Shall we be damned together?
Am I sexually confuseD? hELL YEs. So here's my poetic rant :))))))))


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