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To A Moniker

January 23, 2016

PROMPT: All in a Name

Names are everywhere. They are the title you receive upon birth, or the label to an inanimate object. A name can say so much about a person or thing, yet when do we ever get to choose? 

I did.

When my family came to the United States, we all started anew- the setting had changed, and so would our names.

Of all names out there, me from the past was appealed by-  Isabella. 
I picked it not because of its meaning, not after a friend or family member, or the usual reasons. No, I chose it because I believed it to be spelled 'Ezabella', and because I could then be Belle, my favorite Disney princess; or Ella, from Ella Enchanted. May I remind you, I was ten years old.
Of course, the name also sounded beautiful to me, as well as edgy, with a lot of nickname options. So when we were writing our new names on paper, and it was time to choose, that was the name I had chosen to mark me.

Alas, I didn't get to be called Ezabella/Esabella/Izabella, because that wasn't the 'proper spelling' (though I don't see how). And though all of these would've been brilliant, and really, any name with a z in it sounds a little cooler, I am now deemed with the name of-


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