Peer Review by Sarah Grimson (Australia)

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My Name

By: theMiamest

PROMPT: All in a Name

      My first name is Joshua. My parents chose it based of the Bible character, and keeping with symmetry my brother was named Caleb. My name's been somewhere in the list of top 50 most common guy names for pretty much ever since it was first invented. Everywhere I've ever lived has featured at least one other Joshua in my grade, who always got the rights to the name since he would make friends faster than me, which led to me receiving a nickname upon discovery. These nicknames would include JP, Josh P, Partridge, or just Joseph and Jacob because no one could remember it.
     My last name is Partridge. This is a bit more interesting because it's about as uncommon as Joshua is common. The majority of my family tree on my Dad's side has the last name of Fox, but then my biological grandfather left my grandmother and my Dad's stepdad inserted the Partridge name into my lineage. At least I think that's what happened.
    No Middle name. More people are surprised by that than I expected,and about 99% of all the people I meet have a middle name, so I guess if the point of this is to show off how unique and special your name is there's that.

Peer Review

The nicknames part really intrigues me, how the most popular gets their name and the how you got nicknames and some people couldn't really remember it. I totally get it but it confuses me, thanks for adding that!

I would love to know more about where your last name comes from. Maybe just a bit more detail for the middle name part as well. But it was really good apart from that.

Reviewer Comments

In all it was a great piece, nice and short so the reader didn't lose focus.