Sophia Parlock

United States


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Us and The End

January 23, 2016

On the final day of my existace on this world I would do the things I was too scared to do normally. When you're faced with a deadline it seems like propriety goes out the window. I believe that this is because you re-examine all those past ideas and fears that were unfounded. I mean why would we not go out and take what you want? Why do we care how we look to others more than how we are live our lives in accordance to ourselves and our happiness? If people scrutinize us for going for our dreams, the most sacred part of ourselves, then what else would they bash us for? Why do we give others so much power over ourselves? The reason why is because we are vunerable and scared of what would come for doing the unordinary or even the extrordinary because it's not the safe path that we teach ourselves is the way to do things. Since everyone else does the same we would be different and different is unknown to all but the very well known. So on that very last day and with my very last chance I would start with one of the hardest things for me...

On the last day of the world
I would tell those most dear to me how much I love them


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