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Lithuise and Beulah

November 14, 2018

Some remember the story of Lithuise, the old widow, 
Who wrung out the galaxies at night and spun stars in the day. 
She wore only a tattered robe, and she scattered planets when she walked. 

She lived in isolation until a child was drifted to her by the little bits of creation around her, 
And she eventually went back to live with the gods and their children, 
Though she always spun and scattered her stars.

Beulah was her child's name, and when Lithuise spun her stars, 
She held up the special yarn Lithuise used, but she always picked the colors, 
And she loved to watch the little balls twirl gently when her mother placed them around her. 

Beulah was enchanted by a particular one,
Which glowed gold brightly, even when covered. 
When she showed it to Neva, her friend, Neva grew jealous, 
And cursed the star to devour Beulah. 
So when Beulah picked up the star, 
It swallowed her, and Lithuise could only watch her daughter's face, 
Trapped by the glowing yarn and frozen in an expression of surprised horror.

There was nothing that could be done, 
And in anger, Lithuise cursed Neva to be a goddess of the cold, 
So she would forever realize her folly and long for warmth. 
Then Lithuise gathered up her stars and went to find a home for her daughter. 

It took time. 
Lithuise wandered for what could only be called years, 
And when she fell, she dropped her stars, 
And they flew every which way, making galaxies.

Eventually, she found a small pocket of space,
And she placed Beulah's star there, 
Surrounding it with planets and gathering 'round a galaxy, 
So Beulah would always be warm. 

Then she curled around her daughter, 
Content to spend eternity there, 
Protecting the small galaxy she called the Milky Way. 

With a huff, her essence left, 
And it flowed through Beulah and her solar system. 
The third planet from her daughter bloomed green with life, 
And in her star, Beulah smiled. 
This is WAY longer than I meant it to be. Whoops.


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  • Made4Love

    I don't mind the length; I love this piece! Great work!

    about 1 year ago