Peer Review by Angelina Nguyen (Australia)

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More Extraordinary in the Ordinary

By: engi_aek


trapped reflecting light in the vision
from in the ground; small fragments of precious stone, value of emotion now gone
cracks lead narrow winding lives
along the yellow-black paint, mirrored colours with littered cigarettes
fallen still smoking put out by busy people trampling along
salt water dripping from lost eyes mixed with rain
dust gathering glasses broken
trapped in the sidewalk
living on the downside yet seeing only the sky


pages bleed ink
in black
peeling slickly together
into the spine
onto my fingers like stamps like charcoal
the pages shine white like iron hot
until eyes focus
from where they followed mind and thought
into a world next to ours the one beneath the cover

These are another two pieces for the prompt Extraordinary in the Ordinary, which I already wrote a piece for!

Message to Readers

These are two separate pieces, I just didn't want to post them twice, especially since I already responded to the prompt directly. I would really appreciate any reviews or comments on which is stronger, and how to make them better! Even more so for my last piece, for this prompt too. Thanks so much in advance!

Peer Review

You have some gorgeous imagery happening here in these poems! You explore all the different senses in a light and engaging manner. I can envision the extraordinary elements which you have brought out of the mundane, man-made world.

I found that the detail, sensory stimuli and ideas explored in your piece are well-developed and solid. They invite the reader to explore your experiences and enable them to realise that there is something extraordinary about being human. A suggestion I could have would be to pursue a collection of poems or poetry series with this whole "extraordinary in the ordinary" notion. You seem to have been incredibly inspired by it to create more poetic content and you could extend this into your own anthology of works about finding wonder in the world. I would definitely read something like this if you were to go forth with it!

Reviewer Comments

These poems were thought-provoking and evocative, illuminating ordinary and familiar experiences to provide them with an element of magic. You present reality through a magnifying glass and colour the observations you make with intensity and imagination. I hope this review was helpful and I look forward to reading more of your works coming along on the site. Happy writing and a huge thanks again for all the amazing reviews you have submitted on the site so far!