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Hello there! I am a sixteen year old who believes that books and words are magic .I am born a South African and I live in George but I am also Persian, Brazilian and American ( mostly South African, Persian and Brazillian, though).I enjoy drawing and like to spend time outside. Just lying in the grass looking and listening. I LOVE reding because it transports me to a different world. I can escape from reality anytime I like. The Inkworld triology by Cornelia Funke ,The Waterfire Saga series by Jennifer Donnely and The Icemark by Stuart Hill are my favourite books.
How To Train Your Dragon is the best movie series ever ( and Harry Potter of course!).

The Nameless: Chapter 1

May 30, 2019

The fire was spreading quickly. The way waves roll onto the shore,except these waves never went back. No-they kept coming.The flames were mercilesss. They turned anything in their path to ashes.The smoke rose in the room - so did the tension. Screams could now be herad from every living thing in the  circular court room. Some were fake, others blood-chillingly real.The princesss fled from the room, stopping only to pick up the jewels of several perished courtiers.

An hour passed and never once did the princess look back to see what had become of her ladies-in-waiting. She was a very smart,wity and capable young woman, who did not need anyones help, only chose to use it. During the past hour she had discovered a part of herself that everyone ( including herself) believed lost. She had taken control, sending soldiers for water and doctors for the injured.This was the kind, Suphi elf who had been gladly offered and accepted as the prince's bride. She used to be a great leader whom everyone loved. But the Palace in the Clouds had changed her. No one could ever go there and come back the same.Power changes everyone. She would shout at and push around anyone below her, just as those above Sita  would treat her. No one knew what hapened the day of the fire that made her new-self melt away. Perhaps it was the death of her late husband,the prince who would soon have been king. Whatever change came over her was gone just as soon as it came.

The fire was eventually put out and events went back to normal. Except for the burnt court room, burried courtiers and the electric buzz  of rumours and gossip that travelled through the youth of the palace. Or so it seemed. Princess Sita had cried and wailed over her  torn dress and soot-covered jewels as soon as her ladies-in-waiting, Cynth and Elara, arrived. The princess was taken to her room and dressed in her best gown. She refused to wear anything else.The dress was of an exquisite emerald green silk. The skirt was showered with real emeralds, the bodice was simple yet stunning and the slightly puffed sleeves were delicatly woven from spider webs. The sleeves shimmered with the few fairy tears intetionally trapped between stitches.The dress, however beautiful would never have made the same impression, worn by someone else. The contrast it had with Sita's fiery red hair was shocking and yet harmonious.Of course the fact that Sita made sure her two ladies-in-waiting were dressed as simply as her pride allowed, made a great impact.

Cynth was dressed in a pale blue dress, with sleeves that covered only her shoulders and a bodice embroidered with sweet floral designs. The dress was chosen to compliment her electric blue eyes and snowy blonde hair. Elara had chocolate brown hair and hazel eyes which were brightened by the mauve dress she wore. The dress had a string of tiny pearls strung around her waist. Both dresses were chosen for their simplicity and in the hope that they would not out shine the princess's gown.

Dinner continued normally that night for the three ladies. Princess Sita complaned and was pampered by everyone. Elara chattered the night away, constantly flicking her hair to grab the attention of any unfortunate young lad. Cynth blushed and then glared  with irritation at Elian, sitting on the other side of the table staring at her all night.

Once dinner was over the three ladies departed to their bed chambers. First they went to the princess's room prepared her bath and layed out her night gown. "Cynth, the water is too cold. Go boil some more water. Elara; I cannot wear this nightgown, it has a blueberry stain." Sita grumbled. And grumbled until everything was to her liking. Once the princess was snoring in bed and the last of the clothes had been put away, Cynth and Elara stumbled, clumsy with fatigue, to their rooms.  Cynth took the long way to her room: through the courtyard. She always came this way so she could see the stars and the moon under the peaceful shelter of night.To her, stars were the greatest of friends.You always knew where to find them, they never grew any darker, they led you anywhere you wanted to go and they always shone brightest in the darkest of times. Cynth always smiled when she saw them because they seemed like the most magical and  powerful creatures and yet they were the most humble.

As Cynth turned into a corridor she saw Elian standing, smiling at her. He always seemed to know where she was. He was a tall, thin young man with chestnut hair and green eyes. He had a kind, soft face; which completly contradicted the fact that he was a soldier. He could shoot an acorn, hanging from a tree four miles away, quite unquestionably. Despite these qualities however he was constantly mocked for  being the shortest soldier.

"Poor Carl, he has been mourning all day since his master died." said Elian. Carl was the late prince's man servant. Elian and Cynth burst out laughing at the memoryof Carl toasting to "no more stinky,princely foot massages"

"He never had any type of friendship with the prince, did he?" asked Elian.
"At least you and the princess are good friends."
"Yes," Cynth replied immediatly. This was a lie.
"I am so glad some people didn't die in the fire today" there was no doubting the sarcasm in Cynth's voice as she said this. Elian tried not to smile.
"You were scared, weren't you?" he asked.
Now this last staement was true.
They reached Cynth's room and as she turned to enter her room, Elian kissed her. 

Ten minutes later she was showering. She ran her fingers through her hair and the Limelight ( a highly rare, magical dye) she used to colour her hair faded away. Everyone had secrets. Hers was her identity. 
I have been working on this story for two months now. Unfortunately I had to cut thefirst chapter short. But I had a lot of fun writing it and I hope you will enjoy it too. 

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