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Hello people! What to say? I'm a Christian girl. I like to write. I write tons of poetry, some short stories, and other things.
God bless you!
-I wish I could speak every single language, wouldn't that be cool ?

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Hi guys! Today I actually got a chapter out at a reasonable time!! Haha. Anyways, sorry if any of you have commented and I haven't responded yet, this notifications thing is still affecting me. Thank you supporters, and feedback is welcome!

Of Faeries and Fatigues - Chapter 6

November 13, 2018


After turning ourselves invisible, we hurried through the hushed corridors. A right, then a left, then a right again. Finally, I broke the silence. “Where is everyone?”
            “We took out some of them, but I don’t know how many more there are. Stay on your guard.” Sean said. Eventually we reached a set of doors. Locked. Sean pulled the keys he had taken from the soldiers and tried each one on the lock; the last key matched the lock. We readied our weapons, me with a dagger and the rest with their guns, then pushed open the door.
            Sunlight greeted us. I gasped; it had been an undeterminable amount of time since I had seen such a bright light, and it momentarily blinded me. “Come on!” Aoife muttered from somewhere ahead. “We need to leave.” Jogging through the doors, I was hit by the unfamiliarity of the landscape. Trees and plants surrounded me, and a floral scent was in the air. This was not Rhye. How far from home was I? This brought another thought into my head.
            “Mother. Oh no, Sean, what about my mother?” I gasped. We both stopped being invisible then so that we could see who we were talking to.
            “What’re you talking about?”
            “General Stevens, the one who took me, said that he’d kill my mother if I didn’t cooperate!” At this point I wasn’t sure what had happened to Aoife, Siobhan, and Conor. They had probably already flown away.
He pondered this for a minute. “We’ll figure something out, but first we need to get out of here.” He said. I nodded and spread my wings. Then a voice sounded from behind me.
            “Stop!” I turned around. It was General Stevens! “If you leave, we’ll kill your mother.” He warned. I looked at Sean, desperately searching his face for an answer. I didn’t see one. So, I slowly turned around to face the general and his two guards.
            I’m usually not impulsive, however this requires a split-second decision. This is probably a stupid plan, but it’s the only one I have. “Not if we get to her first!” I cried, and immediately dropped to the ground. Sean dropped down too, immediately understanding my purpose. In my head I found this scene hilarious and frightening at the same time; I was on the ground, soldiers staring at me in confusion. My palms were on the earth and I was willing something, anything to grow from the ground. The element of surprise gave me all the time I needed. Strong, thick vines crawled up and over the men’s boots, climbing up their bodies until they reached the guns. I then willed the vines to crush the metal, twisting it beyond repair. Shouting, the men tried to reach for their daggers but found that they could not move as the vines twisted around them until they were each encased in vines. “Let’s go!” I shouted. Sean and I rose into the air. I whispered, “Don’t go invisible just yet. They don’t know about that.” He nodded imperceptibly, and we flew away, free for now.
            How was I going to find my mother? I had absolutely no idea. Scanning the landscape, begging it to hold a clue as to where Rhye was, I spotted a strip of barren land to the west and indicated it to Sean.
            “We should go that way. The geography looks similar to my town’s.” He sighed, the crisp autumn wind mussing his hair.
            “Lindsey, I need to get back to headquarters. If you go find your mother right now, I can’t go with you. We came from the North. Trust me; we won’t be able to detour without exhausting and therefore stranding ourselves who knows where. We need to go to HQ first and then we can bring it up with the commander. Are you coming?” Sean asked. Slowly, sadly, I nodded my head. I had almost never flown before, and still I knew that he was right; we would be worn out. Turning invisible, we headed north; my thoughts, however, stayed in Rhye.
            The girl had gotten away! Eventually some soldiers found us outside, looking ridiculous in our vines. They hacked them away with their daggers. “Mitchell, Terence, what happened? I thought you were guarding the entrance.” I growled.
            “We were, General, but the faeries knocked us out before we could react.” Mitchell rubbed the back of his head, wincing.
            “Well, you weren’t being attentive enough! We need to assemble a convoy and find the half Fae’s mother. You must hold her hostage, but don’t shoot her just yet. As for me” I shuddered, then continued “I need to talk to the president.”


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