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Well... I wasn't planning on doing this, but I haven't been active lately and wanted to fill you in... Do you prefer this to my constant updates? Like combining a bunch of days' tea into one piece? Let me know!

11/10/18-11/13/18 Update!

November 13, 2018


Hey guys!
So I haven't been really active lately, and I've decided to tell you all why. This is my update from the last- what is it, three? -days up until now. Enjoy!
(Please note: I am writing this on the thirteenth, but am probably not going to upload it until the fourteenth)


    I'm pretty sure that Saturday the tenth was the last time I updated you, but I'll refresh your memory. So I woke up at like 5:15 in the morning, left the house at 6:55-ish, and drove from then until almost 8:00. Then we got signed in, and at like 8:20 we started our warm-ups and did them until 8:50. Rehearsed for a while, got a snack break, rehearsed some more, ate lunch, rehearsed some more, got a snack break, rehearsed some more, and then started getting ready. We went into the locker rooms to change, and then Lauren and I went over to the bathroom, because we didn't realize there were stalls in the locker room. I was waiting for Lauren to finish and I was doing a tap routine I had made up (I was wearing my dance shoes. BIG MISTAKE) when in walks a few people. One girl, a brunette with a wind-chill-red face, walked in, and I just felt she was so familiar looking. So she went into a stall, and Lauren came out and washed her hands, and then asked me to hold up her skirt while she fixed it (she was complaining about how small it was, and needed to readjust) as the brunette came out. I let go when she told me to, and kept tapping. We were about to walk out of the bathroom to go to the gymnasium where we were meeting when the girl says "Excuse me, can I ask you a question?" I thought it would be about the performance or something, so I said "Yeah, of course!" She looked at me skeptically and said, "Did you used to go to Conestoga Valley Church of Christ?" No. No, it's not her. It can't be her. Why would she be here? "Yeah, I did!" 
    "Oh my gosh, we used to be like, best friends!" I could only look at her in shock, which she obviously mistook for confusion. "Isabella?" She said to reassure me.
    "Oh my gosh!" I was so happy. I hugged her and we talked for like a minute, then Belba (Isabela, a.k.a Bela, who was in SongFest with us) said we had to go. I didn't get her number, but I am determined to track her down somehow and get back in contact with her. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention? She was the first girl I ever had the littlest feelings for.


    Nothing really happened. I slept in, which was absolutely AMAZING, and did literally nothing all day. It was a good and well-spent Sunday. I'm proud.


    Hell. Absolute hell.
    So my Homeroom/Algebra teacher has been talking about moving seats around, so every morning we ask him if we are changing seats on that day. So on Monday I asked him, because I sat right in front of his desk, and he nodded. I said "Am I near Aaron Miller?" Because y'all know I can't handle that. He checks, and then he nods. I'm like HAH. HELLNAW! and say "Can you move me so I'm not near him? I will literally sit by anyone else, just not him. I will sit by Noah. I will sit by Ryan! Okay, I take that last one back, I won't sit by Ryan, but I'll take Noah!" So he looks at the chart and says "Well I can put Jose between you two?" So I go "THAT'S PERFECT! THANK YOU SO MUCH!" So he ended up just switching me and Jose, so now I am by Noah, and I'm not even in the same row as Ew, so when we work in groups I won't have to work with him! YAY! So second period I have Science, and I'm not in that class with Ew, so no worries. Then third period, Health, I also don't have with him, so, again, no worries. Fourth period I had Computer, but we don't sit by each other and never will, `cause it's alphabetical and it would take forever to log into a new desktop, one that's never had your information in it. Then fifth period rolled around. Social Studies, with Mr Petersen. Damn, Mr Petersen. He doesn't seem to like me very much. 
    So the desks in his classroom are in a trapezoid shape, and there are two put together, so four desk rows, and a few lonely desks on the side. He started from the windows, so lonely desks first. He went through those and the whole first two rows. Then he was on the third row, and he said I'm in the back of that row. Then he's going down the final row, and I'm having a panic attack already, stressing about maybe having to sit by him, and then he goes "-and Aaron Miller, you're going to be in this back corner." I died. I'm not even kidding you, I started to cry. I got tears in my eyes and tried my damn hardest to keep them in. I went up to him and I said "Mr Petersen, is there any way I can sit anywhere else? Aaron has said some things and done some things and I really don't feel comfortable sitting by him or being around him." And he said "Okay, well it looks like Hannah's absent, so you can sit with Bela today, and we'll come up with something permanent tomorrow." So I said okay and thanked him and sat down with Belba. I have Ryley left one and back one of me, Belba next to me, and Lyspa in front of me. I feel safe. And so I let the tears fall. Belba held my hand for like the first fifteen minutes of class. Ryley got my attention and said Ew was laughing at me. I swear. Then during lunch I had a Future City meeting and I was sitting NOT JUST NEXT TO ZACH, BUT IN BETWEEN HIM AND AALIYAH. YES BICTH (that is what I try to say in replacement of b*tch) IT WAS AWESOME. And Mrs Lawrence saw I was there after a few minutes and she went "Hi, Cath! How are you today?" And I said "Not that good, I got sat next to someone I don't feel comfortable sitting next to in multiple classes and it kind of dampened my mood." And she asked if I had talked to the teachers and I said yeah and she said "That's good. And look, I know it's hard sometimes, having to be around people you don't like. I'm sorry you got put next to Aaliyah in multiple classes." 


OH MY GOD WE DIED. MRS LAWRENCE GOES "Well it looks like I made Catherine laugh, so hopefully she's feeling better" MEANWHILE I'M IN LITERAL TEARS FROM LAUGHING SO HARD LIKE ACTUALLY ROASTED. OH OH OH OH OH AND THEN OH MY GOD I was about to leave to go to English class when Zach goes "Catherine, wait" and I stop and go back to where he is and ask him what he needed and he goes "Do you have a phone?" and I said no and he goes "Oh," and I asked him why he wanted to know and he goes "Well I wanted to get your number so I could text you" AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH I AM ONE HUNDRED PERCENT READING TOO MUCH INTO THAT BUT WHATEVER. AAAAHHHHH.


    So today not much happened. I went to violin lessons during first period Algebra and played through everything so well that I literally did nothing for like the last 15 minutes. Not to brag, but WOW I'M IMPRESSED WITH MYSELF! I GOT A 10/10 WHEN I USUALLY GET ONLY A NINE EVEN THOUGH I DID EXACTLY WHAT I USUALLY DO! Maybe it's because I was alone and no one else was there for lessons that period? Idk. But anyway, Zach and I have this thing. So whenever we see each other like at lunch but we're not close enough to say hi, I will wave over-dramatically and he will wiggle his eyebrows at me. Today for some reason it made me laugh more than usual so I started laughing really hard. Then I looked at him AND HE WAS LOOKING DOWN GRINNING! AAAAAAAH AGAIN READING TOO MUCH INTO IT BUT WHATEVS!
    WWE Smackdown! just ended. Tonight it ended at 10 instead of 11 so now I don't know what to do with myself. We'll find something to watch on YouTube, such as Tik Tok trolls... don't judge me, they're funny.
Excuse any language that I used. I don't know what I said, as this was more of a rant than an update for me. I also apologize if there are any typos.


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  • Johanna


    over 1 year ago
  • AminahMcBina

    Haha, wish my days went by in such fun! You always do make me smile :) I haven't been too active with posting either, and idk when "Changing Moon" will be up.

    Anyhow, thanks for making the time to do this.


    over 1 year ago