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January 23, 2016

PROMPT: All in a Name

My name was decided when my mother was born. My grandmother wanted to name [my mother] Veronica, but as my grandfather named her Gloria instead, I bore the name in honor of the one my grandmother never had. 

I have more than one nickname, though they are all in Spanish; 
"Flacita" which means 'little skinny girl'
"Negrita" which means 'little black girl' 
"Giraffa" which means 'giraffe' 
and my favorite; "Preciosa" which means 'precious girl'. 

Veronica is easy to forget. No ones remebers anyone named Veronica. It's always "aren't you Victoria? No, it's Vannesa isn't it?" It's never spelled wrong, thankfully. Depending on the way you say it, Veronica can sound either American or Latina. 
"Veh-ro-ne-ka"- Spanish
"Ver-oah-nick-ah" or "Ver-on-eh-ca"- English

Veronica is a very simple name. The Veronica in question holds lots of meaning and tons of personality. Veronica is a sweet name. A  quiet name. My name. 


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