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A Journey

November 12, 2018


Butterflies whirled and danced in my stomach as though they were Monarchs migrating to Maine.
   I exhaled a shaky breath and pulled into the college parking lot, which was already bustling with cars. 
   Checking my slot number for the hundredth time, I slowly came to a halt between the bold, white lines. My hand shook as I set the brake, and checked my pale reflection in the rear-view mirror.
   Well now, Darcy, here you are. I studied the freckle-sprinkled face, light hazel eyes, and loosely-braided dark brown hair staring back at me. A college student at last, looking more like a frightened high-school freshman. I tried a smile. Only the tiniest wobble. With a nod of satisfaction, I stepped out of my white Explorer.
   Leaning back inside, I grabbed my pick backpack from the passenger seat and slung it onto my shoulder. I eyed the looming, gray-painted campus across the asphalt. The windows were eyes, judging my every move. My tennis shoes felt like blocks of wood as I walked up to the entrance. 
   Welcome to Rock Creek University. 
Declared a red-and-white banner.
   I forced a smile and walked inside, my knuckles grew white as I clutched my backpack strap with growing anxiety. 
   The echo of voices bombarded me. So many people, so many places to be, such little time to get things done. I felt very much like I did my first year of public school.
I want my mom. 
   Squaring my shoulders, I glanced up at the various signs strewn about the large, high-ceiling-ed room. It reminded me very much of an airport. Busyness everywhere. I swallowed hard.
   My mom's advice rose to mind. 
"Ask for help when you need it. Don't let pride or fear stop you from getting where you need to be in life." 
A young man, maybe early twenties stood by himself at the foot of a set of stairs before me. He held a bag of books in one hand and a take-out cup in the other. I quickened my pace until I stood only a few feet away.
"Excuse me." 
   Our eyes connected, and he smiled, holding out his hand in a friendly gesture. "Hi, I'm Stewart. Can I help you?" His grip was firm, but gentle.
I smiled more easily. "I'm Darcy, and I'm new here. Would you happen to know where I might find the 511 Math classroom?" 
   His eyes sparkled at my question. "I actually have a Physics class right across from there in a few minutes. I'll walk you there." 
   Relief spewed out in a smile on my face. "Thanks so much. I appreciate it." 
I started to follow him down a hall, but he fell back into step with me. 
"There's also a room directory at the front desk if you need one." 
   "Oh, thank you." C'mon, Darcy, say something else. But my lips refused to open.
"You'll get used to everything soon. And I'm always here to help if you need it. I'm a resident here and also work in the library." Stewart shot a grin my way.
   "That's great. I don't live on campus, but I live a few minutes away. So it's an easy commute."
   We stopped at an ajar door.
"This is your room, I believe." 
   "Thank you." I adjusted my backpack. 
"It was great meeting you, Darcy. Hope to see you again soon." Stewart gave a two-fingered wave as he slipped into the opposite room.
   I stood in the hallway for a long moment, thinking.
Maybe college won't be such a bad experience after all. I smirked, and with new confidence, walked into my classroom. 

   The beginning of my journey.
What do you think? Should I write more on Darcy and Stewart? :) 


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