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Message to Readers

Ma ismuka? - What is your name?
Min 'ayna anta? -Where are you from?
Ana min Mamlakat Aljibal. -I am from the Mountain Kingdom
Aljabal? -The Mountains?
Kam o'mruka? -How old are you?
Athnan wa thalathun. -Thirty-Two
Malikati -My Queen

(Sorry I couldn't put written Arabic, I don't have the Arabic keyboard)

Disguised Assassin

November 16, 2018


"Take him to the dungeons!" Queen Azmia commanded.

"Yes, your highness," the guard replied dipping his head low, and then dragging the man away. The man screamed and shouted, hoping to the gain the attention of bystanders. But the people of the Shams Kingdom knew well enough not to interfere with a situation led by the royal guard.
"Please! I'm innocent!" The man cried. The guards ignored him, shoving him from the back into his cell. With no time to bring his bound hands up in front of him, he landed on the stone floor, face first.


Queen Azmia smiled as she heard the cries of the man. What was the name of the handsome young man? Queen Azmia thought, No matter, I'll find out sooner or later. The queen stood from her throne, heads lowering as she descended.  "Your highness, is there something you need us to do?" Aisha, the wisest woman in the assembly of elders asked.
"No, you all may leave my presence," Queen Azmia replied. Aisha looked at the queen, a knowing look and dipped her head.
"Yes, Your Highness," she said noticing the queen walk towards the weaponry hung on the far off stone wall. The elders filed out of the room, followed by the guards. Aisha stopped and turned around, "Your highness, for this one, you'll need more than a dagger," Aisha informed, before bowing her head once more, and walking out of the room. The queen smiled, she always did have the most loyal of subjects, but Aisha was like no other.

Queen Azmia drew the largest sword from its position on the wall, weighing it in her hands. Strong enough for war, but too heavy for Azmia's liking. Before Azmia seized the Shams Kingdom, her life as a mercenary taught her all there was about fighting, no one could stand up to her. This man in the dungeons, will not stand up to her.

As the queen made her way down the long corridors, the twisting steps, and deep tunnels, she thought all the while how to confront this man. He was different from the others she locked up, she could just feel it. Bow! She thought, but she used that command to everyone, not only prisoners. Oh well, I'll say something, because I can't just barge in there and say nothing. Or can I? Azmia now stood in front of the gates to the dungeon. "Open the gates!" She commanded. Azmia did this all too often to even wait for a response, before she was ducking into the filthy dungeon. The dungeon was empty-mostly- all except for the handsome young man locked in one of these cells.

"Why did you do this?!" The man shouted in the native tongue- Arabic. Azmia laughed. Good, now she didn't have to think about her entrance speech.
"Ma ismuka?" She replied, staring into the man's face.
"Uh...A-A-Ameer," the man replied, obviously not expecting the Queen to ask his name.
"Min 'ayna anta?" Azmia smiled, she actually enjoyed talking to him, and watching his face contort into confusion.
"Ana min Mamlakat Aljibal," Ameer replied, still searching the queen's face.
Aljabal? Azmia didn't reply, if this man is from the mountain kingdom, he's been sent by Aziz, no doubt he wants something from the Sun Kingdom.
"Kam o'mruka?" Azmia asked.
"Athnan wa thalathun," Ameer said.
Azmia needed no more information, on thirty-two year old Ameer of the Mountain Kingdom.
"Malikati?" The man said coming closer to the bars. Apparently, he no longer feared that Azmia came down here to kill him.

Queen Azmia unlocked the gate, and stepped inside. Ameer bowed. "Stand up," she commanded. The man did as told. Azmia wanted to know who she was playing with. She threw her dagger towards Ameer's chest, but he knocked it away with a simple flick of his hand. "Malikati?" The man asked, all the more confused. This time, Azmia drew a rapier and lunged. In her lunging position, somehow Ameer had already picked up the dagger, and held it flat against his chest, as to block the tip of Azmia's narrow sword. Damn you! Azmia thought, I will not be the weak one here. She drew her Claymore, and began swinging, Ameer easily backed away parrying every blow with a dagger. How in hell? Azmia thought. Azmia, wanted only to test this man, and then send him on his way; but she knew the ways of people, he'd tell how he defeated her in the cell, and she'd be looked at as weak. No one made Azmia An-Nur of The Sun Kingdom look weak, no one! Azmia thought, striking again and again. The cell seemed too small for Azmia, if it were a larger space, he would have died minutes ago, but to Ameer, the cell suited his defenses well.  Azmia stopped striking, she had a better idea.

"Well done Ameer of the Mountain Kingdom," she applauded, sheathing her sword. Ameer did not answer, this time he knew not to let his guard. "Ameer, you are very handsome. Brave and strong too," Azmia smiled. Ameer wrinkled his brow in confusion. Azmia walked past Ameer, and sat on the hard cot in the back corner of the cell. "Come Ameer," she seductively smiled.
"My Queen, I don't under-"
"Come," Azmia commanded once again. Ameer walked to the bed and stood, looking more scared and confused than ever. Azmia, stood and draped her arms over Ameer's shoulder, he instinctively flinched. "Ameer, I was only testing you. You want to live? Show me," Azmia whispered her lips only inches from his ear.
"I- Your majesty, what is this?" Ameer asked as he backed away. Azmia turned the both of them, as one would do in a dance. Ameer's back was now to the cot, and Azmia in front of both him and the cot. Azmia pushed Ameer back onto the cot.

"Show me you want to live," Azmia whispered again, this time her body was against his, she could feel his chest rapidly rising beneath her. His hands came up and met her body. His hands were colder than ice, as they awkwardly slid up and down her sides. He apparently knew what he was doing, as he flipped her, so that she was beneath him. Azmia smiled, waiting for his next move. As his fingers started to unlace the front laces of her dress, Azmia shook her head.
"I'll do that," she said. Ameer moved back, to allow Azmia to sit up. As she fumbled with her dress, she slid on her bagh nakh, a pair for both hands. Ameer wouldn't notice them in the dark cell.
"I'm ready," she said, as the front of her dress laid opened. Ameer humbly lowered his eyes.
"I will not seduce you, Malikati," he said. Azmia, upset, stood.
"Then I will seduce you," she replied draping her arms around his shoulders once more. She carefully avoided touching him with the palm of her hands, as she grabbed him by his shirt. Ameer backed away, Azmia still gripping his shirt, and soon his back was flat against the wall. Perfect, Azmia thought.

Azmia trailed her fingers from his cheek, down his neck, and onto his covered chest. She lightly trailed her fingers over his chest, and rested them lightly on his breastbone. His breathing had quickened since the queen cornered him against this wall, but now he looked ready to throw her away from him. Azmia didn't want to play any longer, before he could perceive what happened next, her bagh nakh scraped into his skin, and she plunged deeper and deeper, aiming for the little organ behind the breastbone. Her hands were covered in blood, as she clawed into his chest, he didn't scream, which took all the fun out of it for Azmia. She stopped. "Why aren't you begging me to stop?" She asked. He slid to the floor, Azmia on top of him.
"Why should I?" Ameer replied.
"But, you are at my mercy!" Azmia yelled, confused.
"It takes more than a bagh nakh to kill me. I knew what you were planning all along," Ameer said, Azmia could hear the smile in his voice. Damn him!
Azmia withdrew her hands from the bloody man, still pinning him to the ground. She swept her hands on the floor and scooped up the dagger, holding it slightly above Ameer's bloodied chest.
"You will beg me, I am  your queen!" Azmia clamoured.
"The Shams Kingdom rules over all the others, but I am not from any of them. I am only a messenger from the Mountain Kingdom. I am more than what meets the eye," Ameer replied, not phased by the scowl on Azmia's face.
"What do you mean, more than what meets the eye?" Azmia inquired, she wanted to kill this man now, but she needed him to answer that question, at least.
"Exactly what I said. I am more than what meets the eye. I will see you again," Ameer replied, grabbing Azmia's hands and bringing the dagger down into his heart. Azmia couldn't believe it, the man practically killed himself with her hands. She stood, and tied her dress, she was covered in blood, and the metallic smell was too strong to bare any longer. She stormed out of the dungeon.
"Your majesty," Aisha calmly said, as she sat in the bathing room, as servants scrubbed Azmia clean. Azmia looked at Aisha, her face filled with indignity. Who was he to think he could stand up to her? Azmia thought. "He will be back. And next time don't fight him," Aisha informed.
"Get out!" Azmia yelled to the servant girls. The girls hurriedly scurried away. "What do you mean, he'll be back? He's dead!" Azmia yelled, once the door was securely shut and locked.
"He is more than meets the eye. You- you are an assassin titled with queen. He is a King titled with sorcerer," Aisha said, as she moved over to the tub, to finish the servant girls' job.
"Are you saying-" Azmia began.
"Yes, young Azmia, that's exactly what I'm saying."
I have no idea where this came from. I woke up early this morning, and when I turned on my computer, my fingers began typing away. Hope you liked it!

Sorry I couldn't put written Arabic, I don't have the Arabic keyboard. :/


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