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Should I take the high road?

January 22, 2016


    As I grew up, there were two things that my parents told me. The first being to treat others how you wanted to be treated, and the second being always be kind. I had really tried to live by these rules even though they both really meant the same thing. I had always, and I still want to go places in life and be sucsessful. However, being sucsessful means you have to get through at least twenty years of school counting from pre-school through your bachelor's degree.  I had always though I would be ready for middle school. I could not have been more wrong. 

    It was a few months into school and I though school was going well. That was until I had heard that the "it" girls at my school were talking about me behind my back to my very close friends and thought some how it wouldn't reach me. Or maybe they intended for it to reach me just to stir up some drama in their lives. Nevertheless I was facing a moral delema. For some weeks now, the same girls who talked about me behind my back, were also telling my very close friends actions they had taken into "adult-hood".   I had all of this imformation stored up in the back of my mine, what should I do? 

    My head spun with all of the pros and cons of each situation I could possibly think of inside my head. Should I say something directly to their face? That would mean confrentation, which I was not ready for what so ever. Should I say something to the dean? This would again result in conrentation. My parents had always said treat others how you wanted to be treated. This, at the time, meant one of two things. It could have meant that this is how they wanted to be treated because they had treated me this way, or this meant I should take the high road and forget them and what they said. Either way, neither one felt right, until I heard them talking about me for myself. That was the exact moment when I realized, no matter how I treat them they will continue, so why should I waste my time and energy trying to fight fire with fire. This is when I realized, doing the right thing doesn't always feel like it is the right thing. This is when I realized, life is a gigantic blurred grey line, that there is no black and white, that there is right and wrong. This is when I realized that right and wrong are so close together that it is difficult to separate them. That was the day when I felt prepared for the life ahead of me, no matter what it brings. 


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