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I've lived in three different sates, currant one included. Spend most of my time reading and thinking of new things. One thing that ticks me off is not having things around me in order. Whether for life or writing.

The Name

January 22, 2016

PROMPT: All in a Name

Looking down at the new born baby girl, their first girl, they knew the name they had was perfect. She was all they had ever hoped for. 

That was me. Seventeen years ago. I knew I was a more of a wild kid rowing up. I once fell in a ditch by our house when I was about four. I also was a little bit of a dare devil. I did a lot of things as a kid. I think my name played a part in it. It gave me an identity. My name, in a sense, means fragrance, sacrifice, and incense. I've always liked my name. It comes from a part of another name from the bible. 

Stories about my name, there lots of those. It funny cause when people try to say my name, they butcher it. Buts its gotten better over the years. They mostly just ask how to say then trying it figure it out on their own. And even I've gotten confused with my sister because we look pretty similar. and some people have mixed our names together. I just simile good humorously in response cause I know what they mean and really don't say anything about it. They soon realize their mistake.

Also, me and a couple of my siblings have the last sound of -ah in our name, so we either a) have to listen carefully to what the first part of the name was or B) we just all say what and have the person calling our name say it again. That, and getting people mixed up in my family, happens quite often that we are used to it. 


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