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A teenager who enjoys videogames, Netflix, blogging, and reading, sometimes all at once. She also enjoys writing light and creative pieces, and isn't sure why she's writing this in the third person.


January 22, 2016

PROMPT: All in a Name

The unnaturally tall athlete runs his thumb along the smooth indent and licks his lips, determined. Knees bent, arms crooked -- BAM! The weighty globe launches from the thrust of the man's hand with a silent explosion, gracefully glides through the air as though on ice, and flies into the net with a satisfying swish. 

My father, barely seventeen, sits in front of the dim screen eagerly, watching the master known as Larry Bird drain yet another shot in the basketball hoop. My father thinks not of his future children, but only of the Celtics legend who racks up baskets like a car racks up miles.

I was named after Larry Bird. My father, being the basketball-loving intellectual, put quite a bit of thought into the name. He stuck to his Boston Latin Boy roots by giving his daughter a name that had a Latin translation: "Ava." With a twist on the Latin word Avis, my father was firm that there was no other name for his first daughter than that of his first childhood sports idol.   Not only was did my father love Larry Bird, he also loved the game of basketball. At night, he would retell the story of how my dearest dad got his own slam dunk at the Boston Garden. However, I was not quite the Larry Bird that dad may hopen I would be. While I found interest in sports, my 70-pound-dripping-wet body didn't quite agree. But my dad got one thing right: my many bird like qualities.

I often wonder if my father expected to pin my personality so well by choosing my name. Because of my constant singing, light but frequent snacking, and a strangely delicate physique, I was given the nickname of "Bird." Unbeknownst to my nickname-loving friends, they picked up on Latin more than they thought. 

I will never be a basketball legend or even a sports hero, but I do know one thing. I am Ava, part bird and part bird lover. Sometimes I will wave to the chirping birds and my friends will glance over, confused at my own inside joke. I can never forget the roots of my name, a sports legend that will stick with me the rest of my life.


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