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By: Andromeda


Our love is blue, the blue of the water that caresses us and pulls us back and forth with the tide. We are creatures of sand and salt and laughter, we get lost in the waves, lost in the moments trapped by the never ending push and pull. Even though my face is sunburnt, I can’t help but smile though the pain when I see you laugh.

Our love is red, the red of your lips after I’ve kissed you. I touch your face, savouring the feeling of you, of our shared breaths and my lungs are filled with love that burns and fills me up like sunbeams. The kisses are gravity that pulls us together closer and closer, I can’t break away even if I wanted to. Through my closed eyes alI I can see is shades of red.

Our love is yellow, we lie in a field of crackly summer burnt grass and watch the flowers of candle flame and sunburst wave in the hot breeze. The sunlight paints our skin in a kaleidoscope of colour. I trace the yellows on your arm, feeling the warm skin beneath my fingers. With my eyes fluttering shut I lay my head on your chest and realise, this is happiness.

Peer Review

The format of this piece really got to me, in a good way. I love it’s repetition and style and your use of colour. The descriptions that come along with the colours are especially lovely.

I found myself enjoying this so much I felt a little pang of sadness when it ended. The yellow is a lovely way to finish it off and maybe you were only going for primary colours but I would have liked to see what you could have done with green or purple or any other number of shades.

Reviewer Comments

I’m on a touch device so I’m finding it somewhat hard to highlight and directly comment on lines I liked but one I really really loved was “The sunlight paints our skin a kaleidoscope of colour.” I have a tendency to fixate on lines I love and I found myself rereading this one a few times.

I also really enjoy the soft type of love you portray here. It’s a warm and cozy sort, nothing scorching nor cold and I feel moved by it because that’s exactly the type of love I want.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed your piece and the emotions I felt while reading it.