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Welcome to the Forest - Hunting

November 11, 2018



Dwywolf (Dwhy-wolf)
       A species of human who can take on traits of a wolf, through stress, anger, and/or channeled power, proceeds to go through bodily modifications that involve, transition of nails to claws, transition of teeth to fangs, transition of feet to paws, heightened sense of smell, and occasional change of eye color.

Hunting is easy shit. You find something you want, you think of eating, and you eat that bitch up, no matter what it is. Terran might tell me different, but that's just how the rain falls. 

"Yuki! It's getting dark, come help us count heads!" I'm looking at this bear like my next biggest snack when I heard that. It was Terran, and as my fangs started to shrink, my claws started to fade, I head back towards the site, dodging and sliding past every tree in the way. See, at this point, Allcha was just infested with Trees and Plains, with your occasional village every ten thousand steps, few and far between. But through time, tribes, who occupied most of forests and plains started to get really aggressive and territorial...

So, Terran has us go on missions, but makes sure to go through a headcount before we find a settling spot, he's the leader of our pack, tribe, whatever you want to call it, we're like a family though, and it's all or nothing when we need to find someone. And this stuff has been happening for the last few cycles, and we only lose 2 or 3 people, and as bad as it hits Terran, he understands that it's not catastrophic. 

Yesterday we lost eleven. If that didn't shake his fur, we found one of the bodies not too long ago... Carved into his neck was the mark of another tribe, so he has a lot of scouts, like me, working all day, all night, and every moment in-between, the only thing that gets us a break, is if we're hurt, or being chased.

Once I finally made it to the sight, Terran had a look of complete worry on his face. "Yukino, goodness.. You had me and the spirit of your mother scared. Why didn't you call back?" I guess I didn't say anything. 

"I was just more focused on making it back I guess. Sorry about that... How many did we leave with?" Terran looked towards the horizon line as the moon started to make it's way to the top of the night, then back to the dwywolven, conversating between each other, some mothers, other children, most orphans. 

"Fifty-Sen. I keep counting Fifty-Five. That's Thiteen in two days. I don't feel safe anywhere near here." Terran faced me, scanning the trees as he grit his teeth. I got to counting, and I came to the same Fifty-Five.

"I'm still missing two... I'll go checking. It's too dark to send the subscouts." Almost without thinking, I started out. Then I heard Terran yell.

"Archers! Everyone on the ground!" An invasion?  Shit. I turned my head to almost be met with an arrow, grazing my cheek, and almost prompting me to drop down and cover my head. Yet, teeth started to grow, claws started to grow, and legs started to grow.. 

Holding my arm over my head, I looked at Terran, and then the people under attack, "Warriors! To the trees!" He scanned the trees because he saw them, those winged bastards. "Scouts, start to move our people, find either heavier trees, or a plain. We need to find somewhere safe!" I looked at Terran, as he held a clawed hand over his shoulder. "Terran, have you.." Damnit. 

"Yes, child. They've struck me first. Get them out of here, there's about 4 in every tree." I looked up as it dawned on me... There could've been at least senety of them... I had to help the warriors, but the scouts needed more than just the time I could've given them.. A faster subscout...

"Dee! Help the scouts!" And like that, he was off, dust was kicking up, and Dee was getting people up and out their tents. So, I started for the trees. Arrows were flying past me, it was almost like they wer--. Terran. 

"I got him!" I jerked my head to see on of the warriors covering Terran. More work. So, I turned back the trees, and I spotted an Binel. The Bird-Imitators. Tall, big-winged, and no claws. My feet left the ground as I grabbed a twig, and made my way up, he heard me, and started to fly, not before letting out that ugly..

"A-sq-uk!" They screech that to alert the others. I made it to the core of the tree, and bounced off, almost chopping it down with pure force. I got a hold of it's feet, no talons. But he held his bow and arrow right to my head, ready to shoot, I tugged hard on his feet, dislocating his ankles, and it let out another ugly screech "A-saaq-uuk!" And as we fell, I let go of his angles his grazed my spine with his arrow, I got a firm grip of his neck, and smashed on the ground. Blood poured out the back of his head, as I turned and headed back towards the site. 

I could feel my claws getting a little sharper as I noticed most of the tribe were gone. "Warriors! Fall back!" And despite the call, I heard no responses. "No.." Yet, I kept seeing ruffling between the trees, "Warriors! If you hear me, abort! Abort, immediately!" Nothing. I shook my head, and started back towards where the tribe was headed. I didn't see them anywhere. I kept feeling like someone was shaking me, trying to get my attention, yet there was no one, and I stepped out the site, looking back, only for it to be gone. 

"What.. The fuck." I looked back towards the trees, all of which surrounded me. "What. The hell, is this!?" 

"It's a aerial corruption." I jerked my head to see someone my size, small wings, that paled in-comparison to those of a normal Binel, and green eyes. "When you killed Solider 149, your instant want to notify your group to back up left you wide open for corruption. He wasn't squealing for help, he was squeaking for your punishment, which is me. Sullin. "Sully if you're already close to me."

"When are you gonna let me go?" I readied myself, barring my claws, and putting my feet into the ground, keying in on Sullin, as he stood square in front of me. Yet, he only smirked. 

"I'm supposed to let Solider 11 put an arrow through your neck, then leave you to choke on your own blood, before putting another into your skull. But you seem much deeper than a ruthless wolven warrior."
"Wait so you plan to spare me?" He chuckled. 

"I plan for you to still get hit with an arrow, just maybe... not so fatal." Asshole. But living in this situation was a bargain I was willing to take. "Before you go.. Your eyes are so.. familiar... Your mother must've been Madam Okine." 

"Yeah.... What about her?" He chuckled at me again, and this time, it was getting a bit irritating. Like he was almost mocking me.
"Oh nothing. Just double checking, enjoy the arm, and I hope you understand...." He closed his eyes, as the area around us turned pitch black, and he almost reappeared right in my face. "This won't be the last time we get to see each other."  

I was brung out the corruption through the insane pain of an Arrow in my shoulder. And when I looked over, it was more than just in, it had went through my shoulder, my arm felt weak, but either way, noticed that this time, the warriors were retreating, what I didn't notice was one warrior, that wasn't a warrior making his way towards me. 

"Dee?" Quickly, he picked me up, and pushed me along, and I started to run with him, as he looked at me.
You see, Dee was a Dwywolf, who hadn't grasped the idea of transforming his arms into claws, but his speed made his one our best subscouts, and not only that, but his left eye had almost gone blind, yet, he noticed things quicker than anyone. He was odd, but the most helpful scout we had, in general.

We finally made it to an open field, and not only that, but a village, filled with what was mostly humans, with a Tigron, which was a fancy term for a Dwytiger. Yet, when I walked through, it seemed like more doors shut than opened for our tribe. So, I made my way to Terran, and his face was almost as confused as mine, but I still asked him.

"Why do these people seem to be denying our presence here?" Terran looked at me, with a serious face.

"I believe this is the village your father hailed from."

Well shit. 


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