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I have found that what I put here before was very deep.
Just wanted to say hi.
So hello.

And remember that whoever you are, however you look, in what way you think, what you drink, how you express yourself, how you write, what music you listen to, and even how long your fingernails are, the only real thing about you is what you decide to be.

A sigh

November 19, 2018


I walk through the dark, moonlit grove.
At first it seems nerve-racking, but then it settles into an unwieldy calm.
Out of the trees and onto the vast plains which stretch out to the ocean as the last vestiges of sunlight are being grasped and pulled to the other side of the earth. 
In this moment, there is naught but me and the landscape.
I make it to a cluster of windblown trunks; a bulwark against the never-ceasing attacker that howls at it's enemies.
I look out of over the sea, an ever-churning soft blue light, which penetrates even to it's deepest depths.
The moon is nature's lighthouse, a mirror that not only reflects but projects. It is there, shining against the sea not to warn, but to welcome.
A crow speaks, and I listen. It sounds like a story in the paper thin night air.
Then there is no noise. Nothing for an entire split second.
i sigh. and it fills the entire world.


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  • Blotted Ink with a Broken Quill

    Thank you!

    10 months ago
  • Ruthh

    This is so beautiful!! It filled me with a strong sense of calm, y'know? All the description and the imagery is simply stunning

    10 months ago