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Hi there! This is my first piece of writing and as I am deep in an analytical study of A Midsummer Night's Dream by Shakespeare I thought that I might try to imagine the story from Helena's point of view. Though some may not agree with me, I have always felt a weird sort of sympathy for Helena because for the majority of the play she becomes a third wheel to Hermia, Lysander, and Demetrius. No matter what you think of Helena, however, I hope you enjoy this piece.

Helena's Point of View a midsummer night's dream

January 22, 2016

PROMPT: Open Prompt

I had always felt unwanted. Always felt that no matter how hard I tried to be beautiful, to be Hermia, Demetrius would never want me. He would always hate me and reject me because I was not beautiful, because I was not Hermia. Did I have to be as beautiful as Hermia, or as graceful? 

No matter what it was I needed to be, I always knew that I never was it. Since we were little, fierce Hermia could make every boy in the school house swoon. I was her friend, but I was also her entourage. It didn't matter where we going, I was always the one to follow Hermia and she would always proudly walk in front of me. It had almost become natural for us when we were little, but then I grew up. Then I realized I could be my own leader, not just someone's entourage.

It had been years since me and Hermia had talked, had been friends. It wasn't until she stole everything I had ever wanted that I realized how much I hated her. My only love, Demetrius, was the one thing that reminded me I wasn't nothing. Then Egeus decided that he was the perfect husand for his esteemed daughter, Hermia. My parents were too incompetent to bother finding me someone to marry, thus leaving me alone. I had nothing and no one and Hermia had everything and everyone. 

I spotted her with Lysander outside Theseus' palace and I knew that she was going to waste Demetrius' love and affection. She told me that she and Lysander were going to run away to the woods and I knew that if I could shame her, maybe, just maybe, Demtrius could find it in his heart to love me after his betrothed tried to run away with Lysander.

I ran to Demetrius to give him the news and he set off after her, without me. I knew that at first he would try to win her back, but after he saw her with Lysander he would know there was no hope, I thought. I ran into the woods after him, waiting for him to love me. That's when I noticed Lysander lying on the ground.

At first, I thought him to be dead so I shook him with fear. Then, when he awoke, I was trembling as he told me how beautiful he was. I was angry and sad. Why would Lysander, sweet, innocent Lysander, mock me so? I didn't know so I ran away, hoping to evade his hurtful words. Then, after escaping from Lysander's grip for some time, Demetrius appeared.

He proclaimed his love for me but deep in my heart I knew, I knew, that it was false. Then came the oh-so-gorgeous Hermia  sprinting from out of the woods, speaking only to Lysander. He told her she was ugly and told me I was beautiful. At this point I knew that Hermia was in on it too. She wanted them to mock me, mock me in such a way that no could ever love me again for how broken they were making me. I was now broken and I wanted them all gone. 


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