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I love writing. Writing can express feelings in many different ways. We can share what we wish without speaking.
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Practice makes Perfect.
If you aren't a good writer now, practice and you will be.
Mistakes will come and go but don't dwell on them too much.

Unfortunate Her: Camlily and CreativeAngel

November 10, 2018


She jumped in the cab and decided her fate.
She headed to the camp to meet her leader Cate.
It wasn’t dark outside, but she knew it was late.
She was addressed as a girl who must find her  mate.
“Oh boy”, she thought, “this camp I will hate!”
She searched for her partner and was ready to rate.
But then- she fell- she’d slipped on a plate,
Breaking her foot she couldn’t wait!
*sigh* she thought, “just great”.
A person came by to help but was holding a crate.
Inside, she noticed there was a lot of freight.
She realized in that split second she was the bait.
The person with the crate had a familiar gait...
And it was a kidnapper who possessed cruel as a trait.
He took her down a road that wasn’t very straight.
It turned out that he was her life date!

Yea me and Cam got too much time on our hands. We might do this more. Definitely enjoyed it<33


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