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Shout out to Kitty Cheshire and Blotted Ink With A Broken Quill :)

Behind A Wall (Broken-Heart)

November 12, 2018



I like it when your tears burn trenches in your face.

I like it  when you're broken, and you lose all pride  and grace.
I like it when your hand shakes when you write; when you cry and cry till you get your words just right.

I like it when your heart breaks,  lodged on a stake.

I like it when you no longer try, when you break down  and cry. When your road ahead, twists and turns;  when your dreams become twined in overgrown ferns.

I like it when you're a bird with no wings, a Canary that can't sing, love without a feel...

               A girl with built up walls, to serve as a shield.
Both these titles appealed to me, and I thought they would do nicely together.

Shout  out to Kitty Cheshire  and Blotted Ink With A Broken Quill, for the title!!!!!!!



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  • Quille

    Very good title choice! Fits the piece well.

    over 1 year ago
  • Alita Vaughn

    This was beautiful, very meaningful and deep!!!

    over 1 year ago