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What Does it Mean?

February 10, 2016

Growing up we all have different traditions, beliefs, and doings of December. This month is very important to my family and I. This is the month that we catch up with our family, laugh at all of our crazy relatives, and sit around the Christmas tree to listen and read about our Lord savior. December is the month of snow, caring, "Spirit of Giving", family, laughing, loving, and making memories. The holiday memories is what everybody remembers. Cousins doing stupid things, dads trying spicy stuff, and the girls figuring out what make up they are going to get on the Christmas eve sale. Stuffing your belly's till you can't possibly think about taking another bite, cooking way to much food than you will ever need, staying up late watching holiday movies and staying in bed til twelve p.m. December is the month of crazy people waiting last minute to get gifts, all the shelf's at the grocery store being clean, unexpected relatives coming in and people getting in fights for taking the last bit of Hickory Honey Ham. This is the month that everybody tries to make the most of their life, the month that people try to be the nicest to others, the month that people try to bake and try new recipes, and the month that everybody tries to get their new years resolution. December is the month that everyone tries to make up for the birthdays they missed by over doing it, for things under the tree. This month is about who can spend the most money, get the latest apparel, and get as many presents as your child wants. Don't get me wrong, I love every single thing about December from the new gifts, the contests, games, and crazy people, but the most thing I love about it is the day that my savior was born. I love to hear how my forgiver was wonderfully brought into this world for my sins. When I hear "December", I think of Jesus Christs' birth, his brave father and mother Mary and Joseph, and my savior. Though I think of everything else, like a lot of other people do, this month is different to me than others. This month means, this is where my mercy began, where my tears were dried and my sins were taken away. This month means  Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, greatfulness and Forgiveness.
December is the month that means most, this is the month that I love the most, and the month that I never want to pass.


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