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God's Love

November 9, 2018


God’s love is the sun
Faithfully shining every day.
It gives warmth, light, and life to all the world,
And without it, we’re in darkness.

Sometimes clouds block our view,
Sometimes raindrops fall,
And we doubt that we’ll feel the warmth again,
But the clouds always part,
The tears will dry away,
And we can feel loved again.

It’s never influenced
By what we do during the day;
It doesn’t brighten if we succeed or dim if we fail.
It simply always shines.

Even in the darkest nights
When we feel completely alone,
If we look up to the sky,
We see the glimmer of the stars,
Reminding us that no matter what,
His love can be found.
I wrote this for an assignment in my Creative Writing class. The assignment was to write a metaphor poem about love.


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