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I love writing. Writing can express feelings in many different ways. We can share what we wish without speaking.
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Practice makes Perfect.
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Journal Entry- First Love

November 9, 2018


Evelyn Maya Grace. Story of my life was in high school when I sat behind my first love. Jackson Nicholson Rodriguez. Story of his life was also his first love, sitting behind him. First day of high school Sophomore year. We got to chose their seats in English class. I had chosen a seat with my friends, Mariana and Clarisse. Jackson had also done the same with his friends, Braydon and Leonardo. Us two groups of friends weren’t very far off from each other. One reason was that Mariana and Leonardo were in a relationship and we were all friends with each other. Except me and Jackson. We had this nemesis thing going on ever since I got together with Roberto Cruz, school’s most popular boy who had girls gushing over him. Of course, he turned out to be horrible and snobby resulting in the break-up and Roberto ever since Freshman year trying to get back with me. Jackson thought that I was purposely doing everything with Roberto to gain more attention and that’s how we enemies were born. We hang out along with our friends, but won’t talk to each other no matter what. 
“Okay class, settle down. Welcome to first period English GT. My name is Ms. Ari. Today class I’m not going to do anything special. I just want you to write down on this paper i pass out everything i should know about you. Who you prefer to sit with, who you don’t like, personality, anything at all. you may all begin, and remember, no talking.” Mr. Ari handed out all the papers. The classroom was set up with three desks in a row with a total of nine each row. I had started writing on my paper. I decided to start off with writing about Jackson.
‘Don’t put me next to Jackson or else..’ I thought to myself for a moment. Meantime Jackson decided to see what I was writing. He got a glance and took out a slip of paper.
‘You’re a horrible person you know’ he wrote. He threw the paper on my desk and continued writing on his paper. Mr. Ari had sat down at her desk in the front and was typing on her computer. I took that slip of paper after reading it and wrote,
‘Much better than you though. Hope you fail this class!’ without realizing I had accidentally gotten her red lipstick on the paper. It looked like I kissed it but i passed it back to Jackson unknowingly. 
‘Huh, do you like me or something?’ Jackson felt confused. He was going to pass back the paper until Ms. Ari stood over his desk.
“The paper, Mr. Rodriguez. And Ms. Grace, you and Jackson are coming to after school detention, with me.” She took the paper read it, smirked and put it on her own desk. My head fumed with anger and I refused to turn around. Jackson felt a bit sorry I think.
“Okay class, time’s up. Turn in your paper and the heel will ring in two minutes.” We all turned in their papers. I dropped mine and Jackson went to pick it up. Our hands touched for a minute before we both jerked back looking away. We all headed back to our seats to pack up. The bell rang and it was time for lunch. I walked with my friends to Lunch talking about my summer.
“Hey Evelyn! Wait up!” Jackson called. I stopped and Jackson came tumbling into me. We fell over, Jackson on me. We looked into each other’s eyes feeling a spark. I breathed heavily. Jackson quickly realizing all our friends staring at them got up and offered his hand. I reluctantly accepted it as I was pulled up.
“I’m-uh-Sorry for getting you in trouble.” He scratched the back of his head. 
“It’s fine, i guess i shouldn’t have written about you like that.” I shuffled on her feet. Meanwhile everyone had already gone to lunch, including our friends. 
“Umm, I’m gonna go to the bathroom, you can go to the lunchroom i guess I’ll meet you guys there.” I waved and hurried down the hall. Jackson, having a bad feeling, waved back and reluctantly headed off. It wasn’t till he reached the corner till he heard my scream and swiftly turned around. All he saw was someone-no not someone-Roberto who seemed to have pushed me down the other corridor to the right. He thought what he should do.
‘Evelyn’ he realized in his brain and hurried down the hallway. No one was around. He stopped just around the corner of the corridor. He peeked around and heard.
“You think you’re all that huh? Gonna walk around ignoring me and running around with that fool Jason.” I was on the floor with a patch of blood in my head. I was dripping with blood. Jackson’s heart stopped.
“It’s not Jason. It-it’s Jackson.” I stuttered on my words.
“Oh now you gonna be afraid. After all i did for you, talking back to me. You gotta go girl.” Roberto raised his fist as I closed her eyes knowing it’s her end. Roberto was pretty muscular but Jackson was even more. Just as Roberto raised his fist Jackson stepped around the corner. Both were the same height but Jackson was more powerful. Jackson grabbed Roberto by the wrist and whipped him around fast. They faced each other flames burning in their eyes. I had opened my eyes realizing i was still alive. I  looked up seeing Jackson and my eyes widened. Jackson twisted Roberto’s wrist. Roberto didn’t stand down but his wrist twisted in a weird angle. Jackson, using all his force cracked the wrist and let go. Roberto fell back in pain. Jackson kicked him a couple times to make sure he was down for good. He kneeled next to me then. He brought out a handkerchief wiping my blood. I cried into his chest. That’s how we got together.

January 19th, 1987
I tried first person perspective. I made this up too none of it is true. 


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