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I love writing. Writing can express feelings in many different ways. We can share what we wish without speaking.
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Percabeth-Journey to The Unknown

November 9, 2018


The demigods stood in front of the entrance in Los Angelos. Not many knew but it lead to the underworld. They fought they’re way across but didn’t show they had tired. Percy stepped forward and opened the path. They went down a long route of stairs together. The gods by now had taken a liking to demigods after much arguing and bickering involving a bit of colorful language. The demigods were nervous and kept turning around as if someone were watching them. Percy stopped in front of the three pathways or crossroads as Hecate would say. Percy and Nico knew where to go. They headed to the deep abyss following Percy with Nico leading up the rear. They walked a while often having an aimless bored ghost pass right through them leaving a shiver behind. They travelled forward and it was almost as if these demigods were pulled to it. They headed down into the black pit with endless distance. They stood there for a moment.
“We can’t get down there.” Hazel said.
“You guys should probably stay up here, I mean you don’t have to come. I know how to get down.” Percy spoke.
“Percy we’re not leaving you up here. Annabeth is important to us too and we’re helping you find her whether you like it or not.” Piper said.
Percy sighed. “Thank you, really guys. I can get us down but it will take concentration and can’t happen quickly. Nico if it’s okay can you tell us how you got down?” Percy asked fidgeting. 
“I-I shadow travelled. I don’t know if we can all fight our way but,” Nico took a deep breath. “I believe we can make it.”
“That’s the spirit, now let’s make it down, somehow.” Jason said.
“I can shape shift into a bird and fly us down.” Frank shuffled his feet around.
“Maybe we shouldn’t use just one person to get down.” Piper suggested.
“Okay I got it. I can get down with Frank when he turns into a bird. Nico, Hazel, and Jason can shadow travel down. Oh and Percy and Piper you can fall down was it, and Percy didn’t you somehow grasp the water, do that. Ultimate plan or what?” Leo spoke getting more energetic as he talked.
“It could work, I’ll go first, good luck everyone.” Percy gripped Piper’s hand and they stepped forward. They looked back at their friends and nervously smiled. 
They jumped in and Piper’s screams were heard just before they were gone. Jason looked even more nervous. 
“We can go Frank, you ready?”
“Readier than anything”
Frank changed into a giant vulture. Leo climbed on to his back and they stood still for a moment. Frank then flee up a little and dived down Leo grasping feathers in his hands. You could hear his curses and screams fading away. Jason stepped back a bit. Hazel and Nico held hands looking into each other’s eyes.
“Ready Jason?” Hazel asked.
“Yea-Yeah. He looked down at his feet and looked up. He had a strong fire in his eyes. He gripped Nico and Hazel’s hands. They all closed their eyes and concentrated. Jason prayed to all the gods he knew to get him and his friends down safely. They disappeared leaving a faint demigod scent in the end. Percy and Piper were falling down with no aim, Piper had stopped screaming. Percy hugged Piper close afraid to lose his sister like friend. Piper and Percy shared a sister and brother bond and played and teased around as well. They were very caring of each other too. They hugged each other tightly. They had closed their eyes not wanting to see the horrible image of Tartarus that now they all were experiencing painfully. Piper thought. Piper thought to herself whose great idea was it to create such a demigod life. Percy spared a glance below and his eyes widened. Last time he fell down Tartarus with Annabeth there was a lake, unpleasing, but a form of water. This time he saw full solid ground.
“AHHHHHH!!!!” Piper’s eyes shot open and her screams joined in. Nico and his group and reached the bottom and were awaiting the others. They looked up hopelessly to see their friends falling to their doom unable to do anything. Frank and Leo were pretty close and Frank gained speed swooping under the two and catching them on his back. Their screams stopped suddenly and they both looked pretty shaken up. Another moment later they all landed and sat down on the disgusting solid ground. Having only been here. Short time, they all were pretty terrified. Percy was shaken beyond limits but knew he had to keep going and couldn’t stop. There would be much more walking and traveling, but they decided they had gone far enough for that day. They had brought a couple supplies they collected on the way including a bit of food and any tools that could be stashed in Leo’s belt. Piper and Hazel produced all the sleeping bags which contained of a huge blanket big enough for 10 people and a few pillows, courtesy of Aphrodite. The gods did try their best to help them but once again, could not interfere with the ancient laws in the way. Each god had helped them across the way and Hades had placed a blessing on each of them. He gave Nico di Angelo a potion in secret that he had stolen from the God of Medicine, Asclepius. 
“Don’t use this unless you truly need it. For one of your friends. If they are dead, gods forbid, but if, only then must you, and i mean you, open and force-feed this potion to that one demigod. Only one. Good luck son.” Hades warning had stuck to Nico and he hoped for this to end soon.The demigods looked at their surroundings as they ate a bit of food provided by Apollo. They decided times for each watch for the demigods and went to sleep.
Hope you guys are enjoying as much as I do writing these!


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