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What Happens Then? (ABC)

January 22, 2016

PROMPT: Open Prompt

Jadon Hayes
6th Mod

A land far away holds a life known to none. Been there since time began, longer than the sun. Centered inside is peace for all. Day after day we're closer to its call. Even though it's presented and open to all, not all may enter, its height too tall providing quite a fall. Forsaken by many, its laws set in stone. Given to us before this time of our own. How could such a thing be, a place of peace for you and me? I've thought it over, time and time again. Just sat and thought about time after the end. Killed where I stand, what happens then? Lost forever, or forever with them? My family, friends, those I've lost. No wasting my time, I count that as loss. Oppose him in my darkest times. Portray this life as full of lies. Question my purpose, contemplate my life. Reason what must be done and why. Sequenced out, I begin to regret. Triumph over love isnt a possible bet. Understanding enough, I feel at rest. Venture back to my conscious, realize I'm blessed. Who would love me and care through my darkest of times? XV and I feel like I've lived a hard life. You realize you're loved when youre closest to him. Zion and glory to God, amen.


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