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World history in 400 words

January 25, 2016

 A lot of people like to assume the creation of everything was accompanied by a horrific sound as if there were a "big bang" but I believe that it was a silent deed as if all the sudden things started appearing. If it was science or if I were created by some higher being I haven't a clue. All that I know is that there was nothing and then all the sudden there were hundreds of thousands of stars and planets all in perfect sync to get light and heat from a very large star placed in the middle of the universe all connected through this thing called gravity.

Next came these huge creatures by the name of dinosaurs some carnivores others herbivores, some wandered the lands others swam in the depths of the sea.  The most ferocious of the dinosaur kind were the tyrannosaurus rex they dominated the prehistoric world preying on anything that crossed its path of destruction. After that came early civilizations some of the major ones were the people of Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Greece which eventually became Rome. These civilizations invented things we still use today and are the basic building blocks of the huge cities billions of people live in. Greece, more accurately Athens was the first democracy it wasn't perfect but it was a start. That's just one example there are millions more.

 Next came people with gun power and very clear history. Things like World war one were finally being recorded by a lot more than one person. Guns were used in battles and wars instead of swords and other hand tools. Things were being out lawed and hangings were scarce the death penalty was by electrocution or by lethal injections. Women were finally seen as more than just objects of affection and child bearing. They were being treated as almost equals. they were making their own decisions about what they wore and who they wanted to be. Slaves were outlawed in the United states, everyone was free.

Then finally came the modern age, of technology beyond anything people 50 years ago would've dream of along with myself. Although all this freedom was around everyone there was much violence and prejudice still existing in todays community. I see it with my own blue eyes scared not to lock the doors at night, I with my twin sister and older brother. We saw the black and Hispanic population thought of as less than the white community. The world today is far from perfect but its closer than it used be with the foot bindings, and the slavery. We as a community are getting there one milestone at a time.


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