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Rohan Goyal

hi ,im 14,and i have a quite of artistic imagination,somehow ,i have a really vivid imagination relating to world war II stories,but i like that

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February 8, 2015

It was a dark,gloomy night.Storms chased,and lightning danced in the sky.there was something different about this year,1945.but still the wretched nazis crossed the world.Rubble of stone,and other wreckage laid on the ground.Glass scattered,cries echoed,large quantities of fire,and explosions lit and encompassed the land.There lied a boy,he knelt,the twisted swastika had seemed to strike his heart.His shirt tattered,his eyes full of sorrow.his shorts ruffled in the distance.He saw the horror,the millions of people jumping in the chasm of deathHis father laid before him,blood drooling from his mouth,his hair ruffled,his body motionless.His face pale.The boy let a tear fall on his cheek.He looked up,he saw bombs dropping,figures in the dark night battling to the death.He shuffled his hands in his pocket and pulled out his mahogany the middle a crucifix dangling in the air.He folded his hands,tilted his head,closed his eyes,as he prayed in silence.Time past,and he rested his head on his father's chest and cried for what seemed like eternity.He looked up ,rubble was flying,houses were set ablaze,the families running from the eternal pain.their loved ones being grabbed ny men with the twisted swastika on their arm remained forever.As this cycle was what hitler believed needed to happen.A boy who was age similar ran to him,the star of david neclace visible in his pocket.The gold neclace fell on a piece of rubble.He quickly snatched it up before catching an eye of a “nazi.He softly said to the boy,whose name was john, ''we must go before they see us”.John nodded,got up,looked at his father for the last time,and walked ,and didnt even make a single sound as they disappeared in the time passed,they reached an old building,full of large cracks,the frame of windows tearing up,John and the boy stepped silently up the stairs.The wooden door stood before them,john reached for the door hinge,grasped the handle,turned it ,and quietly opened the door,and closed it,and left a small crevice in the door.They sat down on wood planks that felt were about to break. John looked sideways,bookshelves were toppled like dominoes.books were piled up onto each other like a mountain. John and peter,the boy with the necklace figured this was an abandoned library.Peter got up,he ventured out,he motioned to john to get up too,they quietly went around th book pile and saw other children with jewish stars etched in their arms.Their eyes full of sorrow and misery looked at nothing.They leaned on their wall,it seemed their parents have been taken away too by the horrid hands of the nazis.Peter and john sat with them,they all had blond hair,except one.He had brown hair,he looked dead,tears flew down his cheeks.None of them said a thingHe looked like a boy of 5,his legs motionless,his arms frail.Suddenlythey heard footsteps,peter got up,walked quietly,and peered in the crevice.He saw 5 men angrily talking in german.Their arms showing the red band of injustice.Peter tried not to scream,because any sound would only advance the nazi movement.He slowly walked back,he heard a creak of the door,he ran.The nazis heard,the sound of the wooden planks creaked.They opened the door with such force that it broke.An arm reached the collar of peter's shirt nad angrily shouted''what are you doing here”?.He meekly said,I ventured out to the library because I was really bored.He shouted again,theres a war going on,oh wait are you a jew?,He lied no.The nazi shouted again,Get back to the bomb shelter.John got up,he saw the nazis.The nazi grabbed him too,the other men ran with their boots clicking and their rifles pointed forward.They went around the book pile,and saw the children.they hid their jewish stars,the men took their hand out and grabbed the arms of the children.They barked angrily at their leader.He took them forcefully and put them in the truck bearing the nazi symbol.The tires screeched in the distance,the rustling of the covers on the truck,and the occasional sounds of the engine flew in the ears of the children.A few minutes later,they reached an aprubt stop,sounds of a door opened.Footsteps echoed,and peter heard orders in german that concerned their lives gravely.He opened the doors,the children saw the sun gleam in the air,and heaerd the general sayin his best english,You are now in a refugee building of the nazis,because we do not know if you all are jews or only some.None of the children said a word,they all had their heads tilted,their colors of the hair differentiating in the sun,and not even one being the same.Peter put his arms on the truck and pushed himself off.He lifted his head,he saw the great red banner,with the twisted swastika etched in black,and a white circle around it,fflew and shuffled in the wind.One by one the children got off and climbed up the stairs.And reluctantly walked in the building.The remaining jews used a makeshift needle,and took off the star of their clothes.They saw the great statue of marble of the ruler,Hitler.Putting his hand forward,giving the formal nazi greeting.Soilders were at the entrance,hands grasped at their gun,their eyes looking straight,and also they stood straight.Peter and John went first,the other children followed them,they saw hospital beds with people moaning,as they were reaching their death.They saw nurses frantically moving,trying to cure all the patients,but are failing.The children walked to an unaccompanied bed,crawled up and sat.Angry barks of german flew throughout the building.They saw the david stars lying on the ground.Before the Nazi officer could come in the building and yell at the children,and cuff them with chains,fire and smoke struck the truck he was next to.More explosions echoed. Soldiers grabbed their guns and gave orders to their fellow soldiers.The click clack of the boots echoed,rustling of the uniforms flew out in the door.Peter and Johnwalked to the window.American soldiers shuffled around,and approached the nazis,with full stragetical tactics,they came from behind,killing the nazis by the hundreds.Each of the soldiers coming through the doors on hospital beds with blood drooling from their chests.Fewer number of nazis were killing the americans.Soldiers fell,soon there was only one soldiers,wating for death,the americans filled him with bullets.the nurses were trying to fix everyone,so they could win this war.Heavy blows came from the door,the children saw the red banner for the last time.The americans blew the doors,shooting only the remaining soldiers in the building.One soldiers shot the red banner.American soldiers rushed to the children,their eyes lit up with joy.They sad that war is over,hitler is dead and you will each have a famliy again in the U.S,where you will not be persecuted again.He was right,something was diffrent about this year,freedom.the children got off the bed,went with the soldiers,got in the truck,and left to go to the land of the free.


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