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By: _inkheart_



our love sprouted
like raindrops rolling down a window pane;
in spite of the infinite people cluttering around us,
we found each other through the pouring rain.
we crossed all hurdles
stopping for none,
as our paths merged
and we traveled together as one.

Message to Readers

constructive criticism would gladly be appreciated!

Peer Review

The imagery! When I can see what I read, it draws me into the words even further, and you did a great job!

I'd love to know a back-story behind this! How exactly did they meet? This is like a song describing their relationship, and what they went through along the way.

Reviewer Comments

I love the rhyming, and again, the picture you present is really great! I'm an Oregonian (USA), and rain means a lot to me. You can do so much with it, and I love that you used the analogy (though perhaps literally, too) of 'rain' to write this!
Great work!