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Well, I'm male. I laugh. I know God. But more importantly for you,
I make my own music,
I code my own games,

I write my own stories--
and that's why I'm here. I have lots to say, and this is the place to say it.

Message to Readers

What happened next?


November 9, 2018

PROMPT: Turned to Stone

"Do you want to know a secret?" a low voice breathed into the ear of the victim under that dark skyline.

The figure withdrew from his ear and motionlessly procured a screwdriver.

"It will fix you beyond any pain on this planet."

Breathlessly the victim turned to meet the hooded figure's veiled eyes. The victim receded, facing the man. 

And desperately, the victim screamed, eyes wide, "PLEASE!"

A whirlwind obscured the subject and savior, and when the wind died and the blur clarified, an empty sidewalk shone clean from city grime.

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