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Message to Readers

I would really like some feedback on this. Are there some things that I mentioned that don't seem to fit the overall theme that I am trying to get across with the other things that I mention? Is it too sweet, or just right? Really, I'd just like to know anything that you liked, anything I can improve, and whatever else!!! Thank you so much!

The Last Day

January 22, 2016

On the last day of the world, I'd go outside and walk around. I'd smile at every passing person in the street. I would give money to the homeless people sitting on sidewalks, hoping that fortune smiles down on them. I would lift my head up to the sunshine and breathe in the light, the dust, the sharp air. I'd go to the park and run to the swings, flying higher and higher, wind whipping my hair across my eyes and laughing like a little girl. Then I'd jump off, floating through the air, landing hard on my heels, and falling back on the grass. I would spend my money on anything and everything I had always and never wanted. I'd book a plane ticket to the place I left more than a year ago; the country that will never fade in my memory. I would go see my best friends, living on the opposite side of the Earth, and I would hug them hard and laugh while I cry. I'd call my friends, talk, and breathe hope into the reciever. I would tell the boy I like him; I love him. I would kiss my mother and my father; my brother and my sister. I'd pet my cat. Then I would bake a cake. During the sunset, I'd re read my favorite book for the last time, feeling all the other times I'd read it like ghosts, whispering the words in my ear, passages memorized, passages forgotten. By the light of the moon, I would write a story, sitting in a big cozy chair heaped with blankets and pillows. And when the last light disappears from the sky, and all is black and quiet; still and waiting, I would settle into my seat, pulling warmness more tightly around me, and then I would smile.

{If it was the last day of the world, I would do anything and everything. All the things that I have always wanted to do, but never was able, or never dared to do. I would do something wild and crazy. I would laugh. I would smile.}
We always feel as if we have all the time in the world. We never stop to think. It may not be the end of the world tomorrow, but it could be the end of yours; of someone's. Live life. Do something crazy every day that you will always remember, and never regret. Something you would be proud and happy to do if it were the last time you could do it; your last day. If you live every day to the fullest, like it's your last, you won't regret or need to be scared on the last day. (That sounds so cliché, but I feel like it's true!)


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